Lara Travis gained celebrity status for being the wife of Clay Travis. Clay is an American sports journalist, writer, and media personality, known for being the founder of the popular sports blog, Outkick the Coverage. Besides sports, he is also a political commentator where he more side towards the Republicans and is a huge supporter of former US President Donald Trump.

Lara previously used to be involved in sports like her husband but as a cheerleader. A mother of three sons stands at the height of 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm). She has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

Married To Clay Travis

Lara Travis is living a happy married life with Clay Travis as they have been husband and wife for more than a decade. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 2004. The two had first crossed paths in the college.

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Lara Travis with her husband, Clay Travis (Source: Lara Travis Instagram @lara.travis)

Clay has revealed that he and Lara were together in the same class while they were studying law. The love hasn’t died out between the two and both of them love to show their love for one another by posting about each other on social media.

Net Worth Of Lara Travis

Lara Travis’s net worth has been estimated to be $50,000. Clay’s wife despite being active on social media has been private about her income source. However, she used to work as a cheerleader for Tennessee Titans at one point in her career which helped her to make some money.

Meanwhile, Lara’s husband, Clay Travis has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. His income is primarily derived from his career as a sports journalist, author, and television personality. He has written several successful books like Dixieland and On Rocky Top which have helped him earn additional wealth.

However, Lara’s husband’s main source of income is his owned sports media, Outkick the Coverage. It was started in 2011 as a website covering a wide range of sports topics, including football, basketball, and baseball. But, has since grown to be a huge media today.

Mother To Three Sons

Lara shares the responsibility of being a parent with her husband, Clay to their three sons. The birth names and dates of her sons have not been made public apart from one of them. His second son’s name is Lincoln Travis and has appeared in an episode of his father’s show, Outkick the coverage as mentioned on Fox Sports Radio.

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Lara Travis with Lincoln Travis (middle) and her other two sons (Source: Lara Travis Instagram @lara.travis)

However, all of the son’s faces are no secret as both Lara and Clay love posting about their kids on their social media. Especially Lara as her entire Instagram page is about her sons. She loves spending time with her kids as evidenced by the pictures doing all sorts of activities like skiing, watching baseball, and traveling places.

Education Background

In addition to being devoted parents, it’s worth noting that Lara Travis has also pursued higher education. She earned her Master’s degree in guidance counseling from Peabody Institute, which speaks to her dedication to both her family and her personal growth and development.

But, guidance counseling wasn’t Lara’s first choice of subject to study. She previously wanted to study law. And, it wasn’t only a desire of hers as she did join the law school. That’s where she also met her future husband, Clay.

The Tennessean has reported in their article about Lara’s time in law school. Clay revealed that after completing her first year of law school, she decided that pursuing a career as a lawyer was not for her. The decision to leave law school after her first year was likely a difficult one, but it allowed her to pursue other interests and different career paths of her liking.

Used To Be A Cheerleader

Lara used to be involved in sports, American football to be more specific. No, she didn’t play but she would be there to rally the crowd and boost team spirit, through energetic and synchronized movements, dance, and shouting as she used to be a professional cheerleader.

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Lara Travis with her cheerleading friends (Source: Lara Travis Instagram @lara.travis)

Clay’s wife used to be one of the cheerleaders for the football team, Tennessee Titans, the team Janoris Jenkins once played for. Even long after leaving her cheerleading days behind, she has trained new generations of cheerleaders. She has taken previously taken part in the camp at Antioch High School to teach a thing or two about cheerleading to the kids.

Rumored To Have Hooked Up With Clay’s Friend

Lara Travis has been married to Clay for many years now but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for the couple. There was a rumor sometime back that she had intercourse with her husband’s friend, Eddie George, former NFL player, and current coach, long before these two tied the knot.

The whole story started with an unidentified person sending an Email to Clay regarding this. Clay talked very publicly about it defending his wife and saying those rumors are fake. He revealed that Eddie and his wife haven’t even met in person.

Not only that but Lara’s husband even brought up her previous relationship with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon while saying she hasn’t met Eddie. She further defended herself by saying that the notion that a woman cannot engage in sexual activities before marriage is archaic and outdated.

While many believed Clay, some people found the way he defended his wife a bit bizarre. This led to speculation that it wasn’t just a rumor and he was just trying to cover up. It remains to be proven if it did happen or not.

Who Is Lara’s Husband, Clay Travis?

Clay Travis is an American sports journalist, writer, and television analyst. He was born on April 6, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, and attended Martin Luther King Magnet High School. Travis earned his bachelor’s degree from George Washington University, where he graduated with honors, before going on to earn a law degree from Vanderbilt Law School.

Travis practiced law for several years before transitioning into a career in sports media. He is the founder of the popular sports blog, Outkick the Coverage, and has written several books, including Dixieland Delight and Republicans Buy Sneakers Too. Travis has appeared on numerous television programs, including Fox News, Outnumbered, CNN’s Reliable Sources, and ESPN’s College GameDay.

He is known for his controversial and outspoken opinions on various social and political issues, often drawing criticism and backlash from opposing viewpoints. His love for the controversial former US President, Ivana Trump’s ex-husband, Donald Trump has also made him a disliked figure among some people.

Social Media Presence

Lara is present on social where you can update yourself on her life. She is on Instagram and Twitter as her Insta page and Twitter handle are @lara.travis and @LaraTravis. Using these two platforms, she can share her thoughts, opinions, and experiences with their followers.

You will find the personal side of Lara on Instagram more than on Twitter. She mostly posts about her husband Clay and three sons on the page. She isn’t much of a Twitter user as she hardly ever Tweets.

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