Trino Marín used to manage restaurants and is American-Mexican. He became famous when he started dating singer and songwriter Jenni Rivera, whom he married in 1984.

How Old Is Trino Marín?

Trino Marin was born on February 15, 1964. Right now, he’s 60 years old. He was born in the United States, so he’s American. But his ex-wife is from Mexico.

Early Life

Marin was born Jose Trinidad Marin in Long Beach, California, USA. Not much is known about Trino’s childhood as he keeps things private.

There isn’t a lot of information available about Trino. We don’t know who his parents are, but he does have a brother whose name remains unknown.

Details about Trino’s education and the school he attended are scarce. When he was younger, he worked as a waiter and administrative officer at a cafe.

Trino Marín And Jenni Rivera’s Married Life

The celebrity hubby Trino fell in love with Jenni Rivera during their school days and married her when he was just 17 years old. The love companion walked down the aisle in 1984. They have three children together named Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, and Michael Marin.

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Trino Marín was married to Jenni Rivera.

After her breakup with Marín, No llega El Olvido singer Rivera got married to Juan López in 1997. They had a daughter named Jenicka in 1997 and a son named Juan Angel in 2001. However, their marriage didn’t last long, and they divorced in 2003.

Following her divorce from López, Jenni later married professional baseball player Esteban Loaiza in 2010. Even though they started divorce proceedings in 2012, it never got finalized because of her tragic death in a plane crash that same year.

Was Accused of Sexual Assualt

The notorious personage Marin’s abusive behavior toward his wife began during his teenage years and escalated after the birth of their third child, Michael.

Despite warnings to focus on the duo’s children rather than her singing career, Rivera, his spouse, refused. This refusal led to physical violence from Trino towards Jenni, which eventually escalated into torture.

In 1997, allegations of rape surfaced through Jenni’s sister, Rosie, who accused Trino of assaulting her, Jenni, and their two daughters.

Following these allegations, the renowned name filed a lawsuit against Trino. However, he fled and went into hiding instead of facing the court summons, resulting in his being declared a fugitive.

Moreover, the star husband was apprehended in Riverside County in April 2006 and subsequently found guilty of sexual assault, rape, and battery charges.

In addition, the media personality was sentenced to 31 years in prison without the possibility of parole or bail. Tears flowed in the courtroom as family members, including Trino’s daughters, wife Jenni, and sister-in-law Rosie, grappled with the verdict.

Despite the pain caused, one of Trino’s daughters expressed forgiveness towards her father, contingent upon his acknowledgment of wrongdoing and plea for forgiveness. However, he hasn’t been released to date.

Jenni Rivera Was A Talented Singer

The gorgeous woman Rivera had many songs that people loved. Some songs, like “La Gran Señora” and “Basta Ya,” showed how strong she was. Others, like “De Contrabando” and “Resulta,” talked about love and heartbreak.

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Jenni Rivera was a charmistic singer.

Also, Jenni’s voice and the stories she told in songs like “A Cambio de Qué” and “Inolvidable” touched people’s hearts. She also had fun songs like “Por Qué No le Calas” and “La Mentada Contestada” that showed her confident side.

Even in songs like “Culpable o Inocente,” she talked about forgiveness and understanding. And tunes like “Besos y Copas” made people want to dance and have a good time. Rivera’s songs showed how talented and special she was as a singer.

How Old Was Jenni Rivera When She Died?

The talented Rivera tragically died on December 9, 2012, at the age of 43. She was in a devastating plane crash near Monterrey, Mexico.

What Is Trino Marín’s Current Relationship?

Chiquis, Trino, and Jenni’s first daughter forgave her father despite everything that happened. During the trial, she said she forgave him for everything. He’s still her dad, and she loves him no matter what.

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Trino Marín’s ex-wife with her partner.

Likewise, Marín’s second marriage was to María, whom he married in 2010. They have two daughters together.

There is no public information suggesting any other wives or relationships beyond these two marriages. Similarly, he has another daughter named Diana Noelia Trinidad Marin.

Looks & Height

Trino is tall and good-looking. He’s believed to be 5 feet 10 inches tall and has a strong body, weighing around 67 kg. His eyes and hair are both black.

Career Highlights

There isn’t much information available about Trinidad’s career because he was a very private person. There were rumors that he initially worked as a waiter in a cafe in the USA when he was a teenager.

Eventually, he got promoted to an administrative officer position at the same cafe. It’s unclear whether he stayed at that cafe or moved elsewhere afterward.

When Marin was facing prison time for his crime, he fled the country and lived in hiding to avoid authorities. So it’s safe to assume that he prioritized running for his life over his career at that time.

How Wealthy Trino Marín Is?

José has an estimated net worth of about $700,000 as of February 2024. He made most of his money from running different businesses, mainly as a manager in restaurants. He also earned from being an administrative manager at a cafe that mixed American and Mexican food.

On the other side, Con El singer Jenni, the famous American singer, actress, and businesswoman, had a hefty net worth of $25 million when she passed away in 2012.

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