Chinenye Ezeudu is a British actress who rose to prominence after appearing in the popular series Sex Education. She appeared as Viv Odusanya in the series who is very talented in the academy.

Ezeudu was introduced to the world on the 3rd of January, 1978, and was raised in London, United Kingdom. She is a high school graduate. As per her birth date, Ezeudu is Capricorn. Besides this, she has not disclosed information relating to her early life, and family.

However, there are many more interesting things about her life which are mentioned below.

Net Worth – Is Ezeudu Rich?

Chinenye Ezeudu is estimated to have a net worth of $600 thousand which she has collected from her professional career.

Ezeudu like her character Viv is determined and works hard to achieve her dream. She has faced a lot of difficulties, however now she is earning a good income from her acting career now.

She has a recurring role in the popular Netflix series Sex Education and besides this, she has also appeared in The Strangers, The school of good and evil, and silent Roar.

Furthermore, she has been also featured in magazines like Glamour alongside her co-actress. With all this

Is Chinenye Ezeudu Married To David Benaym?

Chinenye Ezeudu plays the role of a high school girl in the series sex education who is not successful in her love life. However, in her real life, according to superstarsbio, Ezeudu is a married person and has tied knots with David Benaym.

Chinenye Ezeudu as Viv Odusanya with her crush Jackson Marchetti 1
Chinenye Ezeudu as Viv Odusanya with her crush Jackson Marchetti.
Source: The Ocean Burned

However, there are not much evidence to back it up and the British actress also has not said about her relationship status. Therefore, this rumor might not be true.

Chinenye Ezeudu weight loss

Many of the Sex Education series audience noticed the drastic change in Ezeudu in the third season of the series. Although she has not specifically talked about it and has given the exact weight that she lost, anyone can see that she has dropped a huge number by comparing it with her previous pictures.

Chinenye Ezeudu weight loss 1
Chinenye Ezeudu weight loss.
Source: weight and skin

Her weight loss has become an inspiration for many other people. It also shows her dedication to maintaining her appearance and keeping her body healthy.

How Ezeudu Got Her Role In Sex Education?

Ezeudu had binge-watched the first season of the series and completely fell in love with it. She wanted to participate in the series herself. Having been played TV mini-series The Stranger, she tried auditioning for the second season with the help of Curtis Brown.

Luckily, she made it and was selected for the second season. Ezeudu was very happy when she got the role of Viv in Sex Education. That happy moment was shared by her through her Instagram account.

Has A Good Relationship With All Her Co-star Of Sex Education

Not only in the reel life, but also in her real life, Ezeudu has a good relationship with her co-stars of the series. She has good bonding with all the star cast like Tanya Reynolds, Mimi Keene, Patricia Allison, Asa Butterfield, and so on.

Chienenye Ezedu with her co stars from the popular Netflix series Sex Education
Chienenye Ezedu with her co-stars from the popular Netflix series Sex Education.
Source: Instagram @chinenyeezudu

She has shared pictures of herself with all her fellow co-stars and seems to be very happy and comfortable working with them.

Also, check out Lily Newmark who plays the role of Ruthie in the series Sex Education.

Used To Work usher at Oval House Theatre

Ezeudu was an acting enthusiast from a young age. She was inspired by theatre plays and movies like the City of God, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hot Fuzz and The Grand Budapest Hotel. She was also associated with institutions like Guildhall and the National Youth Theatre, where the British actress had the opportunity to hone her skills and to learn about acting.

However, she faced a lot of challenges to join the entertainment industry. She used to work as Usher at Oval House Theatre. Ezeudu said that she used to watch plays for free while working there and used to approach directors for asking for the chance to work with them.

Ezeudu Wore Dr Martens For the Audition For Sex Education

The Strangers actress Ezedu said that she could not afford for bus and used to run to directors wearing Dr Martens shoes. She had also worn it during her interview for Sex Education.

Furthermore, Chinenye also revealed her clothing style in her teen days. She liked to go for the Vivienne Westwood aesthetic but due to lack of money, she would settle down for something punky and wore polo necks all time.

Viv Odusanya

Viv Odusanya appeared made her debut in the second season of the series. She is portrayed as one of the best students of Moordale University. She is a nerd and talented student who is successful in academic life but she is not successful in her romantic life.

Viv and Jackson Season 2.

Her love interest was her popular senior, however, he settles with someone else and Odusanya moves on with it. Currently, she has a mysterious boyfriend whom she is texting and it has affected a little on her study.

Ezeudu Movies And TV shows

Chinenye Ezeudu is a newcomer in the entertainment industry and is just starting to make herself comfortable in the environment. However, she has already displayed her brilliant acting skills to everyone through her movies and tv shows.

She started her acting career by appearing as Zoe Denmoor in the TV mini-series The Strangers which was released in 2020. Following that, she got the role of Viv Odusanya in the popular Netflix series Sex Education.

Ezeudu received quite fame from the series. She is also set to appear in The School Of Good and Evil, and Silent Roar which is currently under production.

Chinenye Ezeudu Height And Physical Appearance

The School for Good and Evil actress Ezeudu stands tall with a height of 5 ft and 7 inches tall i.e 170 cm. She has put on a little weight and has maintained the weight of around 70 kg which is equivalent to 154 lbs.

Chinenye Ezeudu posing for a photoshoot.
Chinenye Ezeudu posing for a photoshoot.
Source: Instagram @chinenyeezudu

She has braided hair which is black in color and has natural black large eyes. She does not appear to have any tattoos or piercings.

Social Media Presence

Although the Sex Education actress Ezeudu loves to live a low-key life, she has activated her accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

However, she has not disclosed her personal life to them. The majority of the posts are about her professional life. Her Instagram id is @chinenyeezeudu and she has collected more than 309k followers. She has posted all about Sex education and her co-worker.

Likewise, Ezeudu has tweeted on various topics under the username @chinenyeezudu. She is followed by more than 2k followers on Twitter which is comparatively lesser than her Insta followers.

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