Willy Mcquillian is an American actor who is famous for performing in the reality TV show Mountain Monster. From a young age, he was a good hunter which led to him perfecting himself in the series Mountain Monster.

He is an excellent trap setter during hunting and is probably his best skill among other works during hunting.

Early life

McQuillian has been the man to keep everything up to himself and hasn’t opened up about himself till now. We however do know that he was born in Saint Marys, West Virginia. He spent his childhood to teenage years all there.

Willy wearing an army shirt and a cowboy hat during the Mountain Monster shoot.
Photo of Willy Mcquillian in Mountain Monster. Source: Rip Jagger’s Dojo

His parents’ names and info have been hidden till now but we do know that his father was a hunter. Also, it was his father being a hunter who motivated him to be the excellent hunter that he is. As a young boy, he was enthusiastic about hunting and its techniques. His father taught him how to hunt and become an efficient hunter.

While hunting for a long time with his father he learned from his father how to set a trap and how to protect himself from getting tapped and he mastered that skill when as he grew. for that he has said he is eternally grateful to his father.

He completed his schooling at Saint Marys and for high school, he went to St. Mary High School located in Saint Marys.

What Is Mountain Monster’s Willy Relationship Status?

Willy McQuillan is a private person who has lied privately throughout his life. Willy’s current relationship is a mystery for everyone as Mountain Monster man hasn’t revealed or discussed that with anyone anywhere. So our lucky guess would be that he currently is single.

As we speak about the relationship Willy is also a former married man. His ex-wife’s name is Bonita Rymer. She also used to live in Saint Marys where she went to the same high school that Willy went to. And it is assumed that their relationship began from there. They have a daughter together named Whitney McQuillian.

Their divorce date and reason are still unknown to the general public as it has Willy has never openly talked about his marriage to anyone.

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What Is AIMS And How Is Willy Related To It?

AIMS stands for Appalachain Investigator of Mysterious Sighting. Its primary work was to understand the mysterious things and sightings that happen at Appalachian Mountain. Willy was one of the three founding members of this organization.

Moreover, the media star along with his partners Trapper and Jeff were the original members. While later two important people Joseph and Jacob joined the team.

To add more, Jeff and Trapper along with Willy believed that there used to be an unusual thing in the mountains that needs to be answered. As all three of them were Hunters, it was kinda interesting challenge and opportunity for them to form an organization to answer these questions.

Willy McQuillian In Mountain Monster

Mountain Monster is an American reality TV show that is a series that shows the investigation of the AIMS team for the public to watch. This show shows any suspicious sightings or findings in the Appalachian Mountains and the team tries to explain what it is really. See another media star Marty Meierotto.

McQuillan along with his AIMS partner John Trapper was cast on the show during 1st season of the show that aired on June 22nd, 2013. He was there on that show for 6 seasons and has contributed very much to its success.

Willy wearing an army shirt and a cowboy hat during the Mountain Monster shoot.
Willy in Mountain Monster. Source:@prime Video.

His primary work during his time on the show was to lay the traps to ensure that if there is something they will catch it. He was an excellent trap setter during the time he was on the show. Additionally, for the sixth and final season, Willy’s role was not only to set a trap but to also help the team in tracking and active hunting due to Tice whose primary duty was those who left the show due to severe illness.

Was Willy A Good Trap Setter Or Was It A TV Hoax?

There has been valid criticism from all around regarding the show for various reasons and one of those was it’s scripted and not everyone holds those skill sets. But it is wrong to say that all of them didn’t have those skills as portrayed on TV.

Willy McQuillian wearing an army dress with his partner wearing a cowboy dress setting a trap during Mountain Monster.
Willy Mcquillian set a trap during Mountain Monster. Source:@Charleston Gazetta.

McQuillian was an exceptional trap setter. Being from a hunting family and growing up seeing his father hunt and learn from him is probably enough evidence to support that Willy does know things about hunting. His main skill was always trapped setting and he mastered that to perfection. He usually doesn’t like to work during the day and gets active during days when he lies trapped in the dark.

He makes the trap that is empty and during the time of crisis, they can always be used as a source of food.

What Is Willy Mcquillian Networth?

McQuillan since the foundation of AIMS has been an integral part and has worked on various projects that do come during the time. He has also worked for Mountain Monster reality tv show for a long six-season which was six-year-long and has made himself a fortune during that time.

From the website of Mountain Monster, it is reported that the cast of its show earns a salary based on appearance per episode, so from the number of episodes, Willy has featured it is safe to say that he was paid handsomely during that time. According to various reports, it is estimated that his net worth is around $600k.

Rumors And Controversy

Willy likes to keep his life private and secretive from fans and the media. He doesn’t have any interaction with anyone other than his friends and family and that’s why there haven’t been any rumors that have sparked about him.

Regarding controversies, it’s not him that is more surrounded rather it’s his show Mountain Monster that has faced a huge controversy. There is a valid criticism that the show is faked and that whatever happens during that show is not real although it is said to be realistic. Although the show might or might not be fake there is no doubt that Willy’s skill of setting a trap is real.

Physical Appearance

Willy McQuillian is a hunter which demands an excellent physique, so as to be able to be efficient. He is a man with decent height and weight with fair skin.

Willy McQuillian wearing a green T-shirt and green pants on the set of mountain monster.
Willy McQuillian at Mountain Monster set. Source:@IMDb.

He has kept a beard that he highlights as golden from time to time. He has an excellent physique with a wide body and a good concentration of muscle in his arm and thighs. He has a golden color eye and golden highlighted hair.

Is Mountain Monster Trap setter On Social Media?

Mr. McQuillian is a man who takes his privacy very seriously and only likes occasional or no interaction with his fans.

He currently doesn’t have any social media handle as he lives a quiet and happy life far from any attention and scrutiny.

Some Interesting Things About McQuillian

  • Although still unclear about his date of birth, Willy McQuillian reported age is in the range of late 60s to early 70s.
  • Willy was married to Bonita Rymer for nearly four decades.
  • His father taught him to hunt and he mastered the art of setting traps from his father.

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