Being the son of a celebrity comes at a price; call it pros or cons. Bill Burr, the stand-up comedian cum actor, contributed big time to the television industry. Best known for his character of Patrick Kuby in Breaking Bad, the artist leaves a huge legacy for his newly born child, Lola Burr.

When Lola Burr Was Born?

Thanks to Bill Burr’s immense contribution to the television world, everything he does is a media story. Thus, that remains the primary reason why Burr’s son, Lola Burr, rose to prominence despite being a three-year-old.

Lola Burr in the arms of her mother Nia Renee Hill at a beach.
Bill Burr’s daughter Lola Burr recently turned 3. Photo Source: Kidages

Bill became a father for the first time, as he welcomed his daughter Lola on 20 January 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The American born infant made his place in several papers in the media as soon as he entered the world.

Talking about the celebrity child, Lola celebrated her 5th birthday in 2022. As of now, Bill’s little princess weighs around 26.5 lbs and is 2 feet 9 inches tall. Interestingly, she is an African-American by ethnicity, thanks to her mother, Nia Renee Hill.

Lola Burr: Famous from Her Celebrity Father Bill Burr

There was no other reason why the world would be introduced to a newly born child unless he/she belongs to a celebrity. Lola rose to fame the only reason of her actor father, Bill Burr just like another celebrity kid Cai Bella Bridges. The actor from Netflix‘s stand-up, Paper Tiger often shares his life experiences on his podcast.

Lola Burr's parents Bill Burr and Nia at an event.
Lola Burr’s parents Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill both are actors. Source: Romper

Lola’s parents Bill and Nia exchanged their vows in 2013, and ever since, they have been living the best versions of themselves. Bill, who was 48, when he welcomed Lola, often talks and makes a joke about how he became a late-in-life father on his podcast.

On the other hand, Lola’s mother is also an actress. Although she might not be as famous as her husband Bill, she did earn several credits in her active years. Interestingly, some of her best works include, Lila, Long Distance, and Did You Look for Work This Week? and Santa Clarita Diet lately in 2017. Besides acting, the celebrity wife also writes blogs for Xojane. Despite a busy schedule, both Bill and Nia try to create enough time to spend with their firstborn and give her proper parenthood.

Lola Burr’s Net Worth

The Breaking Bad actor earned a living out of his career in stand-up comedy, and television shows. Consequently, his two-decade-long journey paid off quite huge as he owns a staggering net worth of $12 million as of 2022. Since his daughter is just an infant, not much is known about her net value yet. Furthermore, Bill featured in several television shows like Date Night, Breaking Bad, and The Heat, which continued to strengthen his resume and bank balance.

Bill Burr in a stand-up comedy session.
Lola Burr’s father Bill Burr remains famous for his role in Breaking Bad. Source: Gossip Gist

You could listen to Burr’s humorous podcast on his website itself, which further features several cameos from his wife. Surprisingly, the Netflix star prefers to keep his daughter’s picture private and way far from the public, unlike most celebrity parents.

The family of three currently lives at their lavish residence in Los Angeles, California, and couldn’t be happier. With Lola turning three, only time will tell if Bill intends to become a father again by welcoming a new child.

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