Efraim Diveroli is an arms dealer for the United States Department of Defense. He is more renowned after the release of the movie War Dogs in 2016 which was based on the memoir Once a Gun Runner written by him.

He was born on the 20th of December, 1985. His parents raised him in Miami Beach Florida. He came from a wealthy Jewish family so he did not have to struggle much while growing up. He was the class clown and was kicked out of the school while in the 9th grade.

Let’s dive deeper into the life of a former Arms dealer Diveroli,

Net Worth

Efraim Diveroli is estimated to have a net worth of a staggering $25 Million which is accumulated through his dedication and talent in dealing with people.

When he and his friend David received the contract, they rose to the status of the biggest actual war dogs. In 2007, they signed a $300 million contract with the US government to deliver weapons to Afghanistan. At a young age, it made them immensely wealthy.

Efraim Diveroli on his car
Efraim Diveroli on his car
source: Gazeta Panoroma

At the age of 18, Efrain was already a millionaire. He loves money and all he could think of is money. Similarly, he has also earned from his book which had a good amount of sales.

He is living a comfortable life with his family with all this huge fortune. As Efraim is still in business, he might add another huge sum to his net worth.

Family Background

Diveroli was born in a Jewish family as the son of Ateret and Michael Diveroli. His family follows all the rules of Jewish, which has helped him to be in discipline. He loves his mother the most and has posted many pictures of her on his Instagram. According to Diveroli, his mother taught him the importance of family.

Efraim Diveroli with his mother
Efraim Diveroli with his mother
source: Instagram @Efraim_diveroli

His grandfather was one of the rich people and acquired a lot of property in Los Angelos. Furthermore, he has an uncle who is a celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Diveroli’s father and uncle both are in the weapon business and sold Kevlar jackets and sold Glocks, and Colts respectively to law enforcement.

Diveroli’s Company’s Name Is Made Out Of Initials Of His Siblings’ Name

Diveroli grew up with his siblings which are very close and dear to him. He has two brothers named Aaron and Avraham Diveroli and two sisters named Avigail and Yeshaya Diveroli.

Efraim Diveroli with his siblings
Efraim Diveroli with his siblings
source: Instagram @Efraim_diveroli

The siblings grew together sharing a lot of dreams and happy memories together. The company that he owns AYE Inc is made from the initials of all of his siblings.

Bought Shell Company From His Father And Rise Of AYE Inc.

At the age of 15, after having an argument with his uncle over money, Diveroli managed to persuade his father to sell him the Shell Company AYE Inc which his father had acquired to do some small printing but had not done anything.

Diveroli opened an arms dealing company and gained quite a fame in the business even at a very young age. He was nicknamed an arm wunderkind as well as a stoner arms dealer which was because of his drug addiction problem.

He would search for government contracts and bid on them having financial backup from his old partner Ralph Merrill, also the chief finance of AYE Inc. The company grew, even more, when the US government gave them a contract for weapons during the cold war.

Called His Friend David To Join His Company

Efraim and David were close friends and often used to hang out together doing all sorts of things like smoking weed, sneaking into the swimming pool together, and so on.

They were on their own after graduating. Efraim was running AYE inc while David was doing online business. Diveroli called his friend to help him run the company. After that, the real-life War Dogs started working together.


The stoner arms dealer has made enough name and fortune by the age of 18 and had beaten many big companies of the same domains like  Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, and BAE Systems.

22-year-old got a $300 Million weapons contract supplied 1970’s Chinese surplus

During the cold war, there was a need for arms and guns to the US department of defense and due to the low manufacturing rate, they were unable to supply enough guns for their personnel. However, guns were available in the black market of the underworld.

US army could not deal directly with the underworld and therefore, the contract was provided to AYE Inc. His company was given a deal of $298 Million. However, the company was suspended for breaking the contract agreement.

Wanted TO Sell Arms And Ammunitions To Nepal ‘Save The King Project’

During the wide protest in the Himalayan country Nepal to overthrow the king and royals, Effraim saw the opportunity to sell guns, heavy weapons, attack helicopters, and ammo to the Nepalese king which would help the king to put down the rebellion.

He piled up the arms and ammunition in stacks that could be sold. He had named this project ‘Save The King’. However, he did not care about the king, and all he thought was money.

Author Of Once A Gun Runner

Efrain has written a book called memoir Once a gun runner in which he has provided a detailed summary of his life-long story. He has said about himself and how he got into the weapon industry and so on.

Efraim Diverolis book Once a gun runner
Efraim Diveroli’s book Once a gun runner
Source: amazon

The book was first published on the 1st of January 2016. Mathew B.Cox is the co-author of this book and helped Efrain a lot. Currently, the book is sold for $9.99 for kindle, $69.99 for hardcopy, and $199.99 for paperback. The book has received a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon.

Went To Jail

Diveroli was sent to jail as he was arrested for breaking the contract agreement. After five months, he also admitted guilt on the conspiracy count. Efraim was also given a four-year prison term on January 4, 2011. He was also found guilty of having a handgun in his possession.

But because he helped with the criminal investigation, his sentence was shortened. While discussing his former lover, David Packouz underwent seven-month solitary imprisonment.

Diveroli Is Now A Free Man

Diveroli is currently out of prison and operating his previous supply of weapons business. But his friends are no longer working there. Currently, Packouz makes music.

Government engagement with Diveroli is prohibited until 2025. He has also been involved in numerous legal battles since being freed from prison.

Filed A Case Against Warner Bros

After coming out of Jail, Diveroli found out that the movie was being filmed on the basis of his memoir Once a Gun Runner. He also claimed some profits because the movie was based on his life.

However, Warner bros did not give it that important and the case was not serious. The producer of the movie dismissed the lawsuit saying it was baseless.

Social Media Presence

Diveroli is a socially active person and has opened his life to the public. He has activated accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has posted content relating to his personal and professional life on those platforms.

He is available on Instagram under the username @efraim_diveroli which has more than 6k followers. Similarly, once a gun runner author has activated his Twitter account under the username @onceagunrunner which has followers amounting to more than 1k. His Facebook account also has 2.4k followers.

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