Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit is an American actor also called Nicky as he is recognized for that character in the popular television series Fuller House. He started his career as a child artist. He is still recognized by the 90s kids as the cutest cast of the most viewed television series of that time. He is not active in the acting sector currently.

He was born on November 29, 1990, in Los Angeles, California United States. He holds an American nationality and his birth sign is Sagittarius.


Jake was raised by his parents, his mother Karen Toumey, and his father Jeffery Wilhoit. He had quite an easy and normal childhood without much struggle. He was raised with his brother Dylan Toumey Wilhoit with whom he shares a very bond.

Dylan is his twin brother and they have lots of things similar they started their career together at the same age and same field.

He also has a cousin sister Lisa who is also an actor and was the star cast of the series My So-Called Life. He keeps sharing about his family on his social media account. He seems very close to his family Especially with his twin brother with whom he shares most of his things.

Early Life

Despite working as a child actor, he was a very good student at his school. He completed his High school in 2010 at John Burroughs High School in Burbank. He was a very hard-working and obedient student who was always praised by his teachers and friends.

He studied together with his twin brother after that he has not revealed much about himself so his higher education is still unknown. He has kept his details quite private.

Career As Actor

Wilhoit started his acting career just at the age of two as a child artist with his brother, Dylan in the very popular TV series ‘Fuller House’. Wilhoit brothers were part of the cast from Season 6 through Season 8 and played the role of the twins, Nicky and Alex Katsopolis who were sons of Jesse Katsopolis and his wife Rebecca Donaldson. Blake played the role of Nicky.

They appeared on television for the first time in a series named ‘Fly with Me’ and did their last episode in the series ‘Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)’. this was one of the major points in their career as they started getting recognition as child artists.

Later he realized that he has not had much interest in acting which is why he decided to quit his acting career. even though he quit his acting career he is still famous among people which is why he is gaining good popularity on his social media. they had recently appeared in the series ‘Fuller House’.

Why is Blake much loved by people?

People find Blake quite different from other actors. He chose to quit his career even after reaching a peak point. he could get many other roles and work easily but he didn’t continue because he didn’t have a passion for acting. He continued what he loved.

He realized that he had an interest in music and he left everything to follow his heart. he gave a chance to himself and improvised his music and started learning different instruments. He is working very hard toward his dreams. We are still here to see his musical journey take off and hope we see that very soon.

What does he do now?

After quitting the acting career he wanted to move ahead with his musical career. He is even planning to create his musical band. He is learning different kinds of instruments. Despite all of his hard work he has not been able to reach success in this background yet. But we can surely see him getting success in his musical career as he is working very hard for this.

Currently is working in a completely different sector. He is working as a firefighter in Atlanta. He chose this profession for daily income and he is earning quite well.

Dating history and rumors

Many fans are really curious to know about Wilhoit’s relationship status. People are confused if he is dating someone or not as many sites still write that he is single. There is not much information about his previous relationships as he likes to keep his personal life private.

Blake Tuomy Wilhoit with his girlfriend
Image of Blake and his girlfriend picture source: Instagram @zerowbe.

After a lot of research, we found out that he is currently dating an Asian girl. She is originally from Korea and her name is Sienna Choi. They both post a lot about each other on their social media and they both handle their pet’s Instagram accounts together. Fans adore this cute couple. Many people comment on their pictures showing love for them.


Nicky seems to love animals and pets. He keeps sharing about his pets on social media. He looks like a very caring pet dad. He owns two cats and a dog and one fish he had other cats too named bingo, a tiger.

Blake Tuomy Wilhoit holding his pet dog bloo
Image of Blake with his pet dog Bloo picture source: Instagram @zerowbe.

Now he has Odin his dog’s name is Bloo and he even has a separate Instagram account for his dog he even owns a fish named Brulser. He keeps sharing his fun moments with his pet. His pet’s Instagram account is handled by his girlfriend too. Both of them love to keep pets.

How Active Is He In His Social Media?

Wilhoit is quite active on his Instagram. He likes to share his daily day-to-day activities and many goofy pictures. and he has lots of followers even though he is not working as an actor currently. His previous work made him popular enough to gain thousands of followers his account is verified as well. Currently, he has about 52.2K followers on his Instagram

He keeps posting about his girlfriend his pets and other stuff which is quite interesting. his amazing contents make him gain more and more followers. For more information and updates you can follow him on his Instagram account @zerowbe.

Wilhoit’s Hobbies And Interest

Besides his major interest in Music and musical instruments, blake is an outgoing and fun-loving person who has quite a lot of hobbies. He likes to travel and take pictures. He is quite interested in photography and he also likes to read and learn during his leisure. He even likes to do internet surfing.

Usually, he spends his most of time with his pets. Being a pet dad is defiantly one of his favorite hobbies. We can see him getting involved in lots of activities during his leisure as he keeps posting on his social media.

Net worth

Wilhoit has been able to amass a good amount of fortune because of all his hard work and dedication. He is currently working in a fire brigade company for his income. Before that, he collected a good amount from the entertainment industry. He had been since the age of two.

It is not sure how much money has he been able to gather exactly but according to a few sites and magazines-like Forbes he has approximately $ 1.5 Million. He will be collecting some more fortune as he is still earning and working hard for it.

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