Paul Finebaum is an American Sports Presenter and author who became popular after appearing as a sports analyst for the sports radio channel WERC.

Along with being a sports presenter and author, he is also a television and radio personality having worked in different roles throughout his professional career.

Finebaum’s Early Life

Paul was born in Memphis, Tennessee on the date of 26th July 1955. As his birth date is 26th July, this clarifies his zodiac sign as Leo. He was the older child of Benjamin Finebaum and Gloria Finebaum. He has a sister named Pam Finebaum. His father used to work as an Optometrist until his demise at the year 1971 and his mother is a former IRS clerk.

Paul Finebaum wearing a blue coat and blue shirt at his work.
Paul Finebaum at his work. Source: @Front Office Sports.

Paul since childhood has been an enthusiastic kid with a keen interest in Journalism. He was raised well in Memphis where he attended Christian Brothers High School for some years before shifting to White Station High School where he completed his education up to high school. For his bachelor’s degree, he went to the University of Tennessee where he graduated in the year 1978 with a degree in Political Science.

Finebaum’s Career As A News Reporter

Finebaum after completing his degree moved to Birmingham in 1980 where he started working as a writer and investigative reporter in Birmingham Post-Herald. While working there he helped expose a lot of Scandals in the Sports industry. Among which the most famous is the one where a university football player from Alabama Antonio Langham signed a professional contract with an agent despite still playing for the said school which resulted in the sanctions for the University Of Alabama by NCCA.

Paul Finebaum wearing a dark blue coat and blue shirt during the talk show after an Nfl game.
Paul Finebaum during a talk show after the Nfl game. Source:

He also started writing for the Mobile Press-Register weekly column in 2001. His columns were used as the source and used by other various sports journalists due to his extensive research and factual outcomes. Finebaum started writing college football forums on the website from 2011 up to 2012.

Finebaum As A Radio Host

Like his news reporting career, his Radio career started at some point in the early 1980s after he moved to Birmingham. He began as a commentator for WAPI- Mark FM’s and Brian Radio show. His shows were super-hit among the local community. He then moved to a sports talk show in WERC IN 1993.

This show got more hype and recognization then his previous one. He became one of the most insightful people when it came to American sports after this show and started getting recognization all over the US.

Currently, he is working with ESPN on the show named after him called The Finebaum Show which is a four-hour show that is broadcasted on ESPN Radio.

Awards And Recognization

When it comes to American Football, Finebaum is considered to be one of the most critical and accurate analysts who have pretty deep knowledge about the sport. He has been loved and recognized widely throughout the US. His shows are a great hit and are regularly listened to by more than a hundred thousand people.

In terms of awards, he has won more than 250 awards at different levels including National, state, and local awards he has won. Among his various awards, his notable best award is, that he has won the Mel Allen Media Award in 2020 for his outstanding contribution to the sports industry throughout his career. Along with this, he has also won sports Emmy Awards that too two times in his career.

What Is Paul Finebaum Relation Status?

Paul Finebaum is a married man who lives happily with his wife Linda Hudson. They both were a long-time couple before exchanging vows with each other. They were dating each other for a long time but the details of this aren’t much clarified, it is said that they first met in Birmingham Complex. They tied the knot in the year 1990.

Finebaum with his wife at a function.
Paul Finebaum with his wife Linda Hudson. Source:@Biography Mask.

His wife Linda is a physician by profession. The couple doesn’t have children of theirs for their own personal reasons.


Paul Finebaum has been at the top of his field for more than two decades and has always been a huge boost for the networks he has worked for, so definitely he has made a good amount of money for himself along the way.

His estimated networth as per various sources online for 2022 is estimated to be around $2 million. His net worth is made up of the career he has had in the sports industry varying from the host, analyst, commentator, author, and others.

Physical Appearance

Finebaum got a well-maintained body. The 66 years old is of good height and has maintained himself properly considering his age. His height is 5 feet 8 inches and has a weight of around 60kgs.

Paul Finebaum wearing a black coat and white shirt with glasses at his office.
Paul Finebaum at his office. Source@Wikkipedia.

His age might have caught up with his hair as currently, he is bald in the middle with black color hair on the sides. His eyes color are black and he regularly uses glasses.

Does Paul Finebaum use Social Media?

Paul is very active on social media where he gives his sports critics. He is active on popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram. He is active on Instagram with the username @finebaumshow where he has 22.9k followers as of May 2022. He regularly posts content regarding his show and mostly something related to sports only.

He is active on Twitter with the username @finebaum where he has 681.8k followers as of May 2022. He uses Twitter to tweet his critics about different sports-related topics. Along with that, he posts clips from his talk show from Espn and usually gets a good interaction with people following him or the sport.

Rumors About Finebaum

Finebaum has been a person who has been only interested in sports for a long time. There have been no rumors regarding his personal life throughout his career.

Moreover, it is to be noted that Finebaum has been in a relationship with his wife only before and after the marriage.

Controversy Revolving Around Finebaum

Paul Finebaum has been an outspoken person throughout his life and likes to talk about various topics openly and publicly. He was caught in the middle of huge controversy when in 2020 he commented that “The black people in America weren’t suppressed in the country.” This came in between when there was a huge protest going on in America after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer. He was criticized heavily for this and later apologized for it.

Likewise, there is no shortage of controversies from him. In 2019, he went viral for calling out Miami a third world program to which many took this as a racist joke for the people living in the said part of the world. His own colleagues were not happy with it and called him out for it. This sparked controversy among many sports talk shows and all exchanged some hefty words with each other.

Some Facts About Finebaum

  • In 2008, Colombia University used Finebaum’s show as a winner for showcasing honest and true journalism under its let’s Do It Better program.
  • Paul has won the Accomplished Alumni Award from the University of Tennessee.

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