Zerlina Maxwell is a well-known Television personality known for hosting different programs. She is also known as a writer and commentator on CNN. She mostly writes and speaks about equality and aware people of different aspects of society. She is currently hosting as a host on the Peacock channel.

She was born on November 16, 1981, in the United States and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is known to present a revolutionary perspective that impacts the nation positively.

Early Life

Zerlina was born to an average American family and she was raised with her sibling. She spent her former life in her hometown. She later moved with her friend while she was in college. Growing up she didn’t have to go through many hurdles and difficult situations.

Picture of Zerlina Maxwell wearing gray top and red lipstick shade.
Portrait picture of Zerlina Maxwell picture source Instagram: @zerlinamaxwell

She was quite clear about what she wanted to be in the future and she was very hardworking and passionate about her career. She was against the inequality prevailing in society from the very beginning. She was sexually assaulted by her roommate’s boyfriend while she was in college. This incident pushed her, even more, to work as an activist.

Family Background

Author Zerlina was raised in a small family in the United States. She has a sister and she gets along with her well. She belongs to a highly educated family which made a positive impact on her career. Her father’s name is Eugene Maxwell she worked as Microbiologist and Professor at Norfolk State Univerity formerly and is currently retired.

Picture of Zerlina Maxwell with her mother and sister
Zerlina Maxwell with her mother Dr. Yvette Maxwell and her sister picture source Instagram: @zerlinamaxwell

Her mother’s name is Dr. Yvette Maxwell she completed her Ph.d. Both of her parents are preachers which is why they were able to give good guidance to their daughter. There is not much information about her sister as she likes to maintain privacy about her personal life.

Education And Qualification

Zerlina persuaded her studies in the Law faculty. There are no details about her schooling neither there is information about where she did her High School from. She was a competitive and hardworking student from her childhood. She was very passionate about her studies.

She completed her BA from Tufts University in International Relations From 1999 to 2003 and later she graduated from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey from 2009 to 2013.

Career Highlights

Zerlina Maxwell has achieved success in her career by working as an Author, Television Host, and Activist. She started her career as a field organizer in 2008 for Obama Presidential Campaign and even worked in progressive media in 2016 for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Picture of  Zerlina Maxwell holding her book "The End Of White Politics".
Portrait picture of Zerlina Maxwell holding her book picture source Instagram: @zerlinamaxwell

She has appeared on many Television Channels like CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and others. She gained a huge amount of fans and followers after getting part in podcasts. She is currently hosting on Peakcock Channel which she started in October 2020. She has written many books in the political genre mostly with Commentary and opinion sub-genre. Her books are loved and appreciated by many readers.

Net worth

Zerlina Maxwell has been able to amass a good amount of fortune through hard work and dedication to her work. She has been able to lead a successful career in Television. There is no exact information about how much fortune she has been able to gather.

However, it is estimated that she has been able to gather about $5 Milion to $10 Million. It includes all the assets and royalties she has been earning throughout her life. She will be adding more to her fortune as she is actively working as a host.

Social Media

Maxwell is quite active on her social media accounts. She is available on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has quite a good engagement on her social media account as she frequently posts on her social media.

Maxwell uses her social media account as a medium to aware people of different social problems. She mostly posts about her work and about raising voices on different matters. For more information and update about her, you can follow her on Social media accounts.

Maxwell uses her Instagram account with the name @zerlinamaxwell and she has about 48.5k followers on her Instagram account. Her name on Twitter is @ZerlinaMaxwell and she has about 281.3K followers on her Twitter account. She uses her Facebook account with the name Zerlina Maxwell and she has about 21K followers on her Facebook account.

Is She Dating Someone Currently?

Maxwell is very private about her personal life and she does not like to share many details about herself. There is no information about her having a boyfriend currently. However, She was alleged to have a boyfriend around 2014 because of her post on Twitter mentioning someone like her best friend and a life partner but there were no other proofs to elaborate on her relationship status.

As of now, she is not married to anyone, and neither she has been engaged. There are no rumors or shreds of evidence about her dating anyone currently.

What Inspired Her To Be an Activist?

Zerlina has shared an incident that inspired her to be an Activist and raise voices against social problems. She has been quite open about how she has been sexually assaulted by her roommate’s boyfriend when she was in college. This incident made her raise her voice against harassment. She also expressed that she has support from her university.

She has helped many other girls and women to raise voices against it and she is trying her best to eradicate rape culture from society. After that incident, She not only tried to eradicate rape culture but also raised her voice against many other social problems as she believes in Equality.

Does She Own Any Pet?

Zerlina looks like a good pet mom if we check her social media account. She shows great compassion towards animals. She has shared some cute pictures of her pet on her Instagram account.

She loves to spend her leisure time with her pets. She has a pet cat named Michael and a pet dog named Misty. She seems to enjoy the company of her pets.

Is She Involved In Charities?

Maxwell actively participates in many charity programs. She even keeps donating to different organizations.

She actively participates when she has to raise her voice against different social problems. She has been part of many nonprofit organizations and helped in many programs.

Interest And Hobbies

Maxwell is active in extra activities, She is very creative and her favorite hobby is writing. She mostly spends her time writing new books. Along with that, she likes to read them as well and likes to listen to music.

She sometimes spends her time cooking new dishes. She loves to spend her time going out with her friends and family, especially her pets.


There are not many rumors we get to hear about Zerlina as she has maintained her personality as a very humble and straightforward person. She usually fights back or raises her voice against many social issues but that hasn’t affected her personality.

Even though she points out the controversial topics, there are no negative things we get to hear about her. Her experience as a victim of harassment was quite controversial but people seem to support her and give her positive feedback.

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