Roberta Sparta is a famous actress who rose to fame after playing a role in the Short film Silent Love Stories. She started her career at a very young age of Sixteen as a model. She has done many commercials.

Sparta was born on November 7, 1983, in Malo Italy and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She also teaches yoga and meditation and has created her own Youtube channel for yoga and meditation. She also has a production company which she started with her business partner Jaime Andres.

Early Life

Roberta spent her former days in her hometown and also did schooling there. Sparta used to live with her parents and she was very close to her mother. She learned to be independent very soon. She was very ambitious about her dreams and goals from a very young age.

picture of Roberta Sparta wearing a black gown
Portrait picture of Roberta Sparta picture source Instagram: @roberta_sparta

She was very interested in extra activities from her school days and used to actively participate in many programs. She was prepared for her modeling career from the very beginning.

Family Background

Sparta was raised in a family with her parents only. She had no siblings as she was a single child. Although she was a single child, she was not much pampered. Her father’s name is Giovanni Sparta and her mother’s name is Maria Cristina Sparta.

She has not revealed her parent’s profession yet. She has not shared any information about her grandparents as well. Roberta likes to maintain privacy about her personal life which is why there is not much information about her family.

Physical Appearance And Body Measurements

Roberta has very appealing physical features that attract the attention of many fans and followers. She has a very photogenic face with graceful facial features. She has a very fair complexion complimenting her green-colored eyes.

She stands about 5 feet 8 inches and weighs about 54 kg. She looks very fit and slim, which she maintains through yoga and exercise. Her face has almost symmetrical features with a defined jawline. Her waist size is 26 inches while her Hip size is 34 inches.

Educational Background

Roberta has not shared brief information about where she did her schooling from. However, she completed her schooling in her hometown. There is no information about where she went to high school as well but she has completed her high school graduation.

She later joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts which is why she moved to Hollywood. She has not been able to attend college because of her busy schedule and she has not mentioned joining college very soon.

Started Carrer At The Early Age Of 16

Roberta Sparta started her career at the very young age of 16. She moved to many places around Europe for her modeling career. Roberta was very conscious about her career from a very young age which is why she was always prepared for the hurdles that would arrive in her way.

She appeared in many commercials during those days. After much hard work and dedication toward her work, she settled down in Milan while she emerged with a huge interest in acting. She was highly supported and motivated by her teacher Nicoletta Ramorino at Centro Teatro Attivo who is also an iconic Italian theatre actress. She has been part of many films and short films.

Dating Rumors And Relationship History

Roberta Sparta has been very private about her personal life which is why we don’t get to hear many rumors about her.

There is no information about her past relationship, she hasn’t shared any intimate pictures with anyone and she has never mentioned anyone as her boyfriend. She has never been in a relationship before.

Is Roberta Sparta Married?

Not many people know about Roberta Sparta’s personal life as Roberta prefers to maintain privacy about her personal life. She had once posted a picture mentioning her co-star James as her husband which is why many people thought it was real.

picture of Roberta Sparta with her co-star James and a girl child
Picture of Roberta Sparta with her Co-star James picture source Instagram: @roberta_sparta

However, she has not married anyone yet, and neither she has been engaged to anyone yet. As of now, She is single and not planning her wedding very soon.

Net Worth

Roberta Sparta has been able to amass a good amount of fortune throughout her modeling and acting journey. She has created many other sources of her side income. This was only possible because of her hard work and dedication to her work.

There is no exact information about how much amount she has been able to mass but it is estimated that she has a net worth of about $3 to $5 Million. It includes all the assets and royalties she has been able to earn to date.

Teaches Yoga And Meditation

Roberta not only does acting and modeling but she is very active in other activities as well. She has been teaching yoga through social media platforms. Sparta has created a separate Instagram account for her yoga and meditation.

She even started her youtube channel to teach yoga named Sparta Yoga which has about 1.45K subscribers. She invests her time teaching people about the benefits of yoga and meditation and she has received quite a good response about it.

Owns A Production House

Roberta has spread her hands in many sectors she has recently started her own production company with her business partner Jaime Andres. She works as the producer while James works as the Director and Cinematographer for the production-based company.

They have received positive feedback on this work. They have been able to make good funds out of their production company.

Interest And Hobbies

Sparta had very diverse hobbies and interests from her childhood. She is not only involved in acting and modeling but she likes to participate in many other extracurricular activities. Her major hobby includes traveling exploring different places and going out on tours and outings. She also likes to cook sometimes.

She also likes to listen to music and read books. She likes to spend her time claiming her mind by involving herself in activities like meditation and yoga. She loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Does Roberta Sparta Own Any Pet?

Roberta shows great passion for animals and she spends her time with animals. Even though she loves animals she does not have any pets because of her busy schedule.

picture of Roberta Sparta holding an animal.
picture of Roberta Sparta with an animal picture source Instagram: @roberta_sparta

However, she has shared many pictures of her spending time with animals either on farms or any other place.

How Active Is She On Her Social Media?

Roberta seems quite active on her social media account. She has good engagement in her social media accounts as she regularly posts stuff on her account. She is available on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and is mostly active on her Instagram account.

For more information and updates about her, you can follow her on her Instagram account named roberta_sparta. She has about 14.6K followers however, her Instagram account is not verified yet. We can see her posting mostly about her costars and her work.

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