Sharni Vinson is an Australian model turned actress who is widely known for portraying the character of Natalie in the movie Set Up 3D.

Along with modeling and acting, she is a well-known national-level swimmer who competed in different national-level games in Australia.

What Was Sharni’s Early Life Like?

Sharni was born on 22nd July 1983 in the western coastal city Sydney of Australia. As a kid, she grew up in Cornulla’s southern beach suburb. From a young age, she had a keen interest in swimming and dancing. Growing up she used to perform in various school programs as a dancer and also take part in swimming competitions whether it be at the school level and then at the national level where she holds four records currently.

Young Sharni wearing a blue one-piece with her mother Narelle Vinson wearing a blue top and blue pants.
Young Sharni with her mother Narelle Vinson. Source: instagram@sharinvinson.

She went to Brent School where she learned arts and was always a bright and motivated student who was very curious to learn. Growing up her role model was her mother Narelle Vinson who helped her to be what she is today.

Vinson Career

Vinson started her career in the entertainment industry as a musician at the age of seventeen. She along with her three friends had formed a band called Pop R/B, Foxfire IV. They released a single song called Roses which was their first and only song, as it didn’t get along with people. The band was quickly disbanded and Vinson turned to the acting profession.

Her acting debut came in 201 when she was asked to feature in the Australian Soap opera Home and Away where she had a minor role in two episodes of the series. Her performance in that limited role was so fascinating that the casting agent of the show wanted her to play the main roles in the series. She, however, did audition for the role but was not selected instead in the same show she got to play the character of Cassie turner who was a troubled teenager who is in foster care. Her role was so much appreciated by the fans and critics of the show.

Along with that she has played in various other movies like You’re Next, Bait 3D, Patrick, and other movies but her most notable character up to date has been the character of Natalie who was the lead protagonist in the movie Set Up 3D. This movie was the third sequel of the movie series Set Up.

Awards And Recoginaztion

Vinson has been an actress who has been giving her all for the characters she portrays in movies and series. With so much dedication put forward, she does have some rewards to show for it.

For her character of Cassie Turner in the Australian Soap Opera Home and Away she was awarded the Most Popular New Female talent award in the Loggie Awards in 2006.

Vinson Relationship Status

Sharni Vinson is a gorgeous-looking woman who has a huge following and her love life is a matter of interest for her fans. Her current relationship status is single as she hasn’t made headlines with anyone for a long now.

However previously she used to date Kellen Lutz who is a famous actor known for playing the series Twilight. They met during the audition for the movie Set Up 3D in 2011. They dated for two years before for various reasons deciding to split up in 2013.

Physical Appearance

Vinson being a model has always had to keep herself fit and charming in front of the camera. She is a charming and gorgeous-looking model with a tall height of 5 feet 7 inches and a bodyweight of around 54kgs.

Sharni Vinson wearing a white silvery dress attending the Cannes film festival.
Sharni Vinson at Cannes. Source: Instagram@sharnivinson.

She has a slim-figured body with her body measurement being 33-24-35 inches. As for her hair, she has Wavy brown hair and beautiful Hazel-colored eyes. She prefers an 8.5 shoe size.


Sharni Vinson in her career has been working as a model and actress for quite some time. She has also been involved in movies here and there from which she has made some money for herself. According to multiple sources, it is estimated that she has a net worth of around 11 million US dollars.

As an actress who has been dedicated and committed to her work, acting has made probably the most of her networth, with modeling and other sponsorship also having highly contributed to the huge pile of money she has earned so far in her career.

Vinson’s Social Media Profile

Social media has become one of the best possible ways for fans to keep updated about their favorite celebrity and many celebrities have been very active on different Social Media Platforms, Natalie of Set Up 3D is active only on Instagram currently where she gives updates about herself quite frequently.

She has an Instagram handle @sharnivinson where she has 50k followers as of April 2022. Her Instagram handle is full of beautiful pictures of hers along with updates about her professional life.

What Are The Hobbies Of Natalie From Set-Up 3D?

Natalie from Set-Up 3D her childhood has been a curious and eager-to-learn person. So that’s why her interest was never limited and always wanted to do more or learn more. According to herself, she has revealed that two things that she likes to do most besides acting and modeling are traveling to different places and eating different cuisines.

Sharin Vinson in France wearing a black dress with sunglasses.
Sharin Vinson in France. Source: Instagram@sharinvinson.

She has traveled to different parts of the world whether it be to some remote island somewhere in the pacific or to any major European holiday destination or Dubai. She has traveled and has said learned very much from different places she has visited. Likewise, her favorite food is described to be pizza and pasta which she enjoys the most.

Rumors And Controversies

Vinson has been very secretive about anything related to her personal life coming out in the media, currently, there are no rumors that might rile up her fans.

Sharni has been a woman who just wants to be a good actress and give her best for her character. She has never been subject to any controversy nor has been struck as a person who wants to get involved in any kind of controversy to stay relevant.

Does Natalie From Set UP 3D Have A Tattoo?

Natalie of Set UP 3D currently doesn’t have a tattoo but previously she used to have a dragon tattoo on her side neck.

she posted a picture of it on her Instagram when she pierced that tattoo.

Sharni is wearing a grey t-shirt with sunglasses showing her dragon tattoo on her side neck.
Sharni Vinson with a tattoo on her side neck. Source: Instagram@sharnivinson.

Does Vinson Own A Pet?

Vinson is a huge dog lover who is very founded on dogs. She currently has a dog named jaggerpoo who is a mini poodle mixed-bred dog.

Sharni Vinson with her dog sharing a lovely moment.
Sharni Vinson with her dog. Source: Instagram@sharnivinson.

She adopted it and currently takes care of it. She also supports various dog rescuing organizations and is actively participating in these events.

Some Facts About Sharni Vinson

  • Vinson is a dog lover and also helps in the rescue of the street or abandoned dogs.
  • Natalie from Set-Up 3D is a huge fan of actor Chris Hemsworth and actress Nicole Kidman.
  • Sharni Vinson likes to travel and travels quite frequently and her favorite destination is Dubai.
  • While working out Miss Vinson prefers Cardio and yoga the most to remain physically and mentally fit.

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