Reginald VelJohnson is a popular personality in America. He is an African-American actor popular for his role as Carl Winslow in the popular sitcom ‘Family matters’.

He has played the role of law enforcement officer the most in his entire acting career. Due to his enormous presence as a law enforcement agent in most of his movies and series, many fans of his consider being a real-life cop.

VelJohnsong’s Childhood & Early Life

Reginald didn’t have a pleasant childhood growing up. Veljohnsong was born on 1952 August 16 as the oldest child of Reginald Johnson Sr and Eve Johnson. Both of his parents used to work in the hospital, his father was a hospital attendant, and his mother was a nurse.

Reginald VelJohnson in Black shirt in a priemier.
Reginald VelJohnson during a priemier. source:

When he was 13 years old his family got struck by tragedy as his father left the family. This was tough for a growing child Veljohnsong. His mother raised him and his other siblings as a single mother until later when she remarried another person.

Carl Winslow’s Educational Background

Carl Winslow studied in the Benjamin N. Cardozo where he had classmates who later in their life became great or famous personalities namely George Tenent who is formerly a CIA director and porn star Ron Jeremy.

From a young age, he had a passion and love for acting, so after completing High school he got admitted to New York University to study fine arts and earned his master’s degree.


After completing his education Reginald moved to Los Angeles to become an actor. He debuted in a movie called Wolfen which was a crime horror movie, he only had a small role in the movie. He then got to play in another fantasy comedy movie this time too in a small role. Although he delivered what was expected of him, he wasn’t getting any big role to showcase his acting talents. He got his break when he played in the movie Gus where he got recognization and was applauded by the audience and praised by critics.

Although he got praise and recognization for his movie character named Gus in the movie Crocodile Dundee, he got his big break when he was selected to act in the movie Die-hard alongside lead actor Bruce Wills. He portrayed the character of Sgt. AI Powell. He started getting more roles and recognization in Hollywood after this movie as the movie became a Cult-hit movie in the 80s.

After all this success in 1989, he got the character which, he is famous to play until now. He was selected to play the role of Carl Winslow in the popular sitcom Family Matters, where Christel Khalil also starred. The series became a huge hit and was hugely liked by critics and fans. Veljohnson appeared in all 215 episodes of the series.

Reginald dressed as a cop for the character of Carl Winslow in family matters.
Reginald as Carl Winslow in Family Matters. Source: @HuffPost.

After that, he started doing supporting roles and cameos in movies for the rest of his career, where for the most part he was seen portraying the character of a law enforcement agent in series like Brooklyn nine-nine, The parkers, and others. Similarly, Kellita Smith also starred in The Parkers.


Throughout his acting career, Veljohson has worked in various movies and series for various roles. He is hugely admired and loved by his fellow co-star and by his fans but in terms of awards, Reginald doesn’t hold a big cabinet.

He has won a couple of awards most notably the one he won at Wild Rose Independent Film Festival where he won the award for Best Supporting Role for the movie ‘The Formula’.

Reginald Veljohnson’s Relationship Status

The star of Family matters Reginald Veljohnson has been a very private and shy type of person when the things like relationships are brought up.

He hasn’t revealed anything regarding his relationship status and there is sufficient evidence that may suggest that the actor is currently single and isn’t dating anyone.

Are There Any Rumors About Reginald?

Rumors about celebrities are a common thing that gets circulated now and then in media. In 2017 there was a very strong rumor that Reginald had died of a heart attack reported by a popular website, however, Reginald himself denied that rumor.

There was also another rumor that has been circulating for a long time which is neither confirmed nor denied by anyone. The rumor is that the family matter star might be gay as said the rumor is neither confirmed nor denied by Reginald.

What is Reginald VelJohnson’s Net Worth?

Reginald VelJohnson has made a fortune for himself not only in his acting venture but also in real estate and other businesses. It is reported that the actor is currently standing at a total worth of $4 million dollars.

Reginald is dressed in a Black and white shirt with Black pants attending a Disney event.
Reginald attending a Disney event. source: @Zimbio.

He was paid handsomely around $100k for his role in the movie Die-hard and similarly, he owns houses in North Carolina, California, and New York which is his private residence currently. His primary source of income definitely is Movies and Tv series but he also has a secondary source of income which includes real estate and sponsorship.

Physical Appearance

Carl Winslow from family matters is a guy with a large build body type with a weight of 90kg and is of the height 5 feet and 8 inches.

Reginald Veljohson wearing all-black attire with specs in an event.
Reginald VelJohson attending an event. source: @The Famous People

He used to have salt and pepper-colored hair but currently, he is bald with distinguishable dark brown eyes.

Social Media Status

Family matter Carl Winslow might be seen as a guy who likes to share every detail regarding him if we consider only his reel life character but in real life, he is more private and doesn’t engage much other than his work.

The sergeant from Die-hard isn’t active in any popular social media forum as he likes to be private and doesn’t necessarily feel the need to use social media to engage with his fans.

Social Work and Charity

Reginald has been a generous and giving person throughout his life. He has partaken in various social work programs and charities.

He was awarded some awards for his volunteer work for a catholic organization and through various charity foundations, he donates money for various different causes.

Some Facts about Reginald Veljohnson

  • Carl Winslow from family matters played a teddy bear in a toy shop in Elimatry school which was his first acting role.
  • Adult-film star Ron Jeremy and former CIA director George Tenet were Veljohson’s classmates during his school days.
  • While Reginald had a starring role in the class production of The King and I, he played piano in the orchestra
  • He appeared in all episodes of family matters, only he was the one who had appeared in all episodes among all cast members.
  • He is a person with a good heart and was recognized with the inaugural Spirit Award for his volunteer work with a Catholic organization.
  • Veljohson learned that family matters were canceled when he got a phone to clean out his dressing room.
  • He has portrayed the character of a law enforcement agent the most in his entire career.
  • Reginald has also written a movie in which he starred himself in 2005, the movie was Short Sunday Evening Haircut which was about a couple who had trouble in marriage because the husband feels his wife is overly religious.

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