Sheridan Edley is a famous Makeup artist who also worked as an Actress Formerly. She is mostly recognized as the Ex-wife of Jason Marz.

She has played a few amazing roles in some movies during her acting career. Her actual birth name is Gloria Sheridan Edley. There is no information related to her birthdate or birthplace.

Early Life of Edley

Edley is very private about her life. She used to live with her family in her hometown formerly. She hasn’t revealed anything about her early life. Neither there is any information about her birthplace. Formerly, she worked as a makeup artist.

Moreover, the media star had been interested in the acting field since she was a child. Later she got opportunities in some movies in a few small roles. She is not currently active as an actor but she continued her journey as a makeup artist.

Where Did She Graduate From?

The star spouse Edley had graduated from Smith College. There is no information about where she did her schooling from. However, she was a very hardworking and obedient student at her school level.

She did her schooling in her hometown. There is no information about what she graduated in. She also used to participate in extracurricular activities during her school days.

Family Background

Sheridan is very private about her personal life, which is why there is no information about her parents and siblings. However, she is currently married and she lives with her husband.

She has no child yet. She has never mentioned her family members anywhere when she appeared in camera or in any interviews. She also has two pet dogs living with her.

Physical appearance

Edley looks very slim and her height looks perfect. She has blonde hair complementing her dark brown eyes. She has a fair complexion. Her height and weight are not given.

She is aging like a fine wine as we can see some signs of aging but she looks very beautiful and charming. She has little chubby cheeks and rosy lips. She has some wrinkles on her face.

Career Highlights

Edley had been working as a Makeup artist before working as an actress. Later, She auditioned for some roles in a few movies and series. She got the opportunity to work in a few movies. She is known for her role as a businesswoman in the movie Retracing Your Steps in 2010.

She didn’t continue her acting career for a long time and she is currently inactive in the entertainment industry. She later continued as a Makeup artist and now she is working as an educator.

Relationship History and Dating Rumors

Sheridan Edley has been able to keep her life private and away from the media. We don’t get to hear many rumors about her. However, she has been in two relationships till today. It is not sure whether she dated someone before getting married or not.

Moreover, the media star gained fame as the Ex-girlfriend of the famous singer Jason Marz. That was her first-ever relationship and now she is married to her current husband. Her name has been taken with these two people only.

Why did they decide to divorce?

Sheridan married the famous singer on December 31, 2000, and nearly a year later, she divorced him in April 2002. They didn’t open up about their divorce and there is no exact information why they have divorced. Since both of them haven’t given us any valid reason we can’t justify the reason for their divorce.

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However, they both are living happily after they parted ways. They both seem to be doing good in their life today.

Who Is She Currently In a Relationship With?

Sheridan Edley took a long break from relationships, After the divorce from her first husband Jason. It took almost a decade for her to decide to get married again. She married her husband on August 26, 2013. Her husband’s name is Mark Giller. See another celebrity beau Linda Kingsberg.

There are not many details about her married life as both of them are not so active on their social media. They haven’t shared much information about themselves. However, They are still together to date for almost a decade. Edley must have found her soulmate finally with whom she is compatible.

How Active Is She On Her Social Media?

Gloria is not very active on her social media. She has got her Instagram and Facebook accounts but we cannot see her sharing many pictures and posts. Her Instagram account name is @sheridangeller. Her Instagram account is private which is why cannot get any information about her.

Her Facebook name is Sheridan Geller but hasn’t shared many posts on that account. She has a separate account for her pet which is public she is quite active on that page.

Does She Have Any Pets?

Gloria owns two pet dogs, Milo and Gatsby. She has made a separate Instagram account for her pet with the name @miloandgatsby. She looks like a great pet mama for both of them. Her dog Milo is a pug mix breed and she got him from Pawschicago and her dog Gatsby is a rescued Chiweenie dog which she got from Alive Rescue.

Sheridan Edley with her pet dog milo
Sheridan Edley with her pet dog Milo picture source Instagram: @miloandgatsby

She looks very happy with her pets. She loves to share her moments with her pet on her social media account.

Hobbies And Interests.

Gloria got many hobbies and interests. Apart from acting, She was interested in many extra activities from her childhood. She likes to play tennis and calls herself Tennis Enthusiast in her bio on Instagram. She likes to get involved in sports. She also does running. She has a major interest in makeup.

What Is She Doing Currently?

Edley is currently working as a teacher or educator as she has mentioned in her bio. It is not sure exactly where she has been teaching or in which institute, as she has kept her life very private.

She looks very proud and happy to tell people that she is working as a teacher.


Edley has been known for all the good reasons only. There are not many rumors about her dating someone. She also maintains her privacy which is why we don’t get to hear much information or rumors about her.

She is known to have a humble nature which keeps her away from all the rumors. She is also away from the paparazzi which is why she doesn’t get into any kind of controversy.

Net worth

Sheridan Edley has been able to gather a good sum of fortune in her life. She has been working hard with lots of dedication which is why she has been able to collect a good amount.

It’s not exactly sure how much is worth she has been able to collect but from some websites, we got to know that can amass almost $1.5 million. She was able to do this as she worked as an actress and makeup artist formerly and now she is working as an educator.

Coming to her former partner, Jason has earned a substantial wealth of $10 million from his sucdssful career.

Does She have any Tattoo?

Sheridan does have a tattoo on her left arm but because we could not find a more clear picture, we cannot tell what tattoo she has made. She has inked her arms with some words and not a picture. However, that looks amazing on her.

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