Forrest Landis is an American actor who is better known for portraying the character of Mark Baker in the movie Cheaper By The Dozens

Landis has retired from acting, his last movie was 14 years ago. Currently, he has been a pro skateboarder participating in multiple events.

Early life

Landis was born on the 9th of August 1994 in Palm Beach, Florida. He has one sister named Lauren Landis. He grew up in Indiana polis where he completed his official Schooling.

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Young Forest Landis. Source:@Binged.

From a young age, he was enthusiastic about acting and used to perform at school plays and functions. When he was four years old the talent companies and modeling companies from New York and Chicago were after a young Landis to sign a contract. At just the tender age of six, he was doing commercials for McDonald’s, Mastercard, and others. He was loved and supported by his family and fulfilled every wish of his including being an actor at such a young age.

Landis’s Career

After doing commercials at such a young age, Landis caught the eyes of casting directors from Hollywood. In the year 2003, his family decided to move from Indiana Polis to Los Angeles for Forrest’s career where he was scheduled for an audition.

He was auditioned and selected to play the role of Mark Baker in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen. The big-budget fox movie did exceptionally well and was highly praised by everyone. He was recalled to play the character of Mark Baker in its sequel. Soon after the success of his first movie he got another career-defining movie Flightplan to play in which he portrayed the character of Rhett loud. In his first two movies, he was already a star who was recognized globally.

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Forrest Landis as Mark Baker. Source:@NETTV4U.

After this, he did only one movie where he played a lead role in the movie Doubting Thomas. He did a guest role in the series ER and that was his last acting performance. Since then it is said that he has retired from acting and currently is enjoying skateboarding.

Awards and Nomination

Mark Baker was one of the best characters portrayed by Landis in his short-span career. He got the reward for being exceptionally good in that movie as he was nominated for the Best Performance in a Feature Film – Young Actor Age Ten or Younger he won the award in 2004 and in 2006 he won the award for Mark Baker again.

How Does Landis Look in Real life?

Landis is a fair-skinned guy who has a good height of 5 feet 7 inches. His weight is decent although the exact weight hasn’t been disclosed in public.

His hair is of golden color and his eyes are of unique blue color. He has an athletic body type which has been maintained well.

Relationship Status of Mark Baker

Forrest Landis has been a private person since he stopped doing movies, he has kept himself out of sight from the public eyes. His love life information is pretty much kept to himself only.

As per various reliable sources, he currently is said to be single and focusing on himself. His past relationship information though is kept private for specific reasons himself.

Net Worth

Forrest Landis had a short span of a career as an actor but while he was acting he did some remarkable and good-paying movies. He has made a good amount of money for himself also after retiring from acting through skateboarding and other work.

From various reliable sources, his networth is estimated to be around $1.5million. Acting has been his primary source of income.


Since retiring from acting in 2008, Landis has been a tough guy to catch. He lives life outside of the media circle and keeps his life’s information up to himself and doesn’t have much interaction with others. So there haven’t been many talks or rumors about him in the media.

Forrest is a kind guy who gets along with everyone. In his career or after his acting career ended he hasn’t been involved in any kind of controversy or neither has commented nor talked about other controversies which could land him in trouble.

What are the hobbies of Mark Baker from Cheaper By the Dozens?

Acting has been his profession and interest since childhood, but there are more things Mark Baker of Cheaper By the Dozens likes to do in his life.

Forrest skateboarding 1 min
Forrest Landis enjoys skateboarding. Source: Instagram@Itsfordog.

His interest in Skateboarding hasn’t been secret as he currently has quit acting and skateboarding at a pro level. Along with that he also likes to read books and travel to different locations. He is also an amateur photographer who likes to click pictures of beautiful Scenery.

Does Forest Landis Own a Pet?

Landis is an animal lover who is particularly very fond of Dogs. According to his Instagram post he currently owns a dog named Pup.

Landis Forrest 2 min 1
Forrest Landis with his dog while camping. Source: Instagram@itsfordog.

He enjoys the company of his dog and while hiking and traveling to different locations, he takes his dog with him.

Social Media

Landis is currently active on Instagram which has been helpful for his fans to know insight into his life now. On Instagram, he has an unverified account with the username @itsfordog and total followers of 9.1k as of April 2022.

On his Instagram profile, he has posted videos and photos mainly of him skating along with some pictures of him traveling and about his dog.

Some Facts about Mark Baker from Cheaper By The Dozens.

  • Landis started his career via modeling when he was just five years of age.
  • Forrest is currently retired from acting.
  • After retiring from acting, Landis currently is a pro skateboarder.

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