Bryan Tanaka, known for his dance and choreography, recently addressed the public after the end of his seven-year relationship with the legendary singer Mariah Carey.

Moreover, the La La Land star’s emotional Instagram post on Tuesday shed light on their amicable split, expressing mixed feelings about parting ways after seven extraordinary years together.

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Bryan Tanaka and his long-time girlfriend Mariah Carey are no longer together. Image Source: Instagram@bryantanaka

He posted on his Instagram, “Bryan, as a lamb, I’m here to tell you that we’re so grateful for your support towards Mariah and we will always love you. Thank your for being such an incredible person to her. We’ll always love you and we hope you both recover from this. #MuchLove ❤️🦋”

The 40-year-old Bryan, younger than Carey by 14 years, emphasized that the decision to take separate paths was mutual. Despite this, he highlighted the profound respect and overwhelming gratitude for the significant time spent together, reminiscing about the cherished memories and collaborative artistic endeavors etched in his heart forever.

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Reports suggest that Mariah Carey: A No No star, who does not have children of his own, wished to start a family, a desire that did not align with Carey’s present focus.

Meanwhile, the actor expressed admiration for Carey’s commitment to her family, specifically acknowledging her 12-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, from her previous marriage to Nick Cannon, mentioning how their warmth and kindness enriched his life in ways beyond words.

During this sensitive period, Tanaka earnestly appealed for understanding, privacy, and respect from the public. He extended gratitude for the overwhelming love and support received from fans, emphasizing their encouragement as a source of strength.

Expressing optimism about his future, the media star eagerly anticipated continuing his journey, fueled by his passion for inspiration, dance, and the creative arts, signing off with heartfelt words of gratitude and love.

Similarly, Tanaka and Carey first crossed paths in 2006 when he worked as a dancer on Carey’s Adventures of Mimi tour. Their romantic relationship blossomed ten years later in 2016.

Where, Carey, known for her discreetness regarding personal matters, confirmed her relationship with Tanaka during an interview with the Associated Press. She highlighted her inclination to keep her private life out of the spotlight, preferring not to discuss personal details.

Speculation about their split heightened when Bryan was notably absent during Carey’s Merry Christmas One and All! tour in mid-November and her subsequent holiday trip to Aspen with her children, following their Christmas celebration together in 2022.

Insights into Carey’s sentiments emerged earlier this month when she shared her anticipation for the upcoming Christmas season. Reflecting on the past year, she admitted that the preceding Christmas wasn’t her most enjoyable, expressing gratitude despite the challenges faced.

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