Shelly Loraine Kearns is an American woman popularly known as the mother of Pop singer Christina Aguilera.

She is a retired teacher by profession and likes to remain private and out of the spotlight. Her daughter Christina is famous for singing and has sung songs like Genie in a Bottle, What a girl wants, and others.


Kearns was born in Rochester, Pennsylvania, USA on 23rd March 1960. Her birth name was Shelly Loraine Fidler and her zodiac sign is Aries. She was born to her mother Delcie Fidler and her father Lowell Fidler. She is of German-American heritage woman who spent her childhood in Rochester.

She is an educated person who has at least completed a bachelor’s degree but the specific field in which she has earned the degree hasn’t been specified for various personal reasons. She is said to be a musician so she might have a degree in arts.


Kearns is a retired teacher who has been a teacher for the majority of her career. She started teaching after completion of her bachelor’s and since then she taught throughout her entire life.

There isn’t much information regarding where she taught or how many places she taught as that information isn’t available for the general public to see. But we do know that she was a school teacher who used to teach Music to children, she was also a musician herself.

Relationship Timeline Of Shelly Kearns

Shelly Kearns is a happily married woman currently with four children. She has married twice in her life and has had tough relationships in the past.

Her first marriage was to an American Soldier Fausto Xavier Aguilera. They were married in the year 1980 and moved from city to city during their time together for Aguilera’s Work reasons. Although they moved time and again they had their own house in Staten Island, New York. They had three children together named Christina Aguilera Born in December 1980, Rachel Aguilera in 1986, and Stephanie Aguilera.

Shelly Loraine Kearns with her daughter Christina Aguillera
Shelly Loraine Kearns with her daughter Christina Aguillera. Source: @Doveclove.

After her divorce from Aguilera, she remarried in the year 1991 to Jim Kearns and changed her surname from Aguilera to Kearns. The couple together had a son named Mikey Kearns who was born in the year 1996.

Separation From First husband Aguilera

Kearns and Aguilera were married in the year 1980. She never had a good life in this relationship as she was getting a lot of emotional and physical abuse from her husband during the time of the relationship.

According to what has been shared by her daughter Christina, it is believed that he used to physically beat her every day and also yelled at her constantly. Not only that she also shared that she and her sisters also used to get beatings from their father during their stay together.

Kearns tolerated the abuse for seven years after finally giving up and filing for the divorce procedure. She divorced him in 1987 and won custody of all three of their children. Christina has written a song about her and her mother’s being abused by her father in the year 2006 titled Oh Mother, in the album Back To Basics.

Who is Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera is an American singer and songwriter who is the eldest daughter of Shelly Loraine. She was born on 18th December 1980. She was born to Shelly Loraine and Fausto Xavier Aguilera in New York City, New York. She was the eldest daughter and has two siblings named Rachel Aguilera and Stephanie Aguilera and a step-brother named Mikey Kearns.

From a young age, she had already started taking music lessons and used to sing songs and also write a few lines. She used music to escape from the psychological pain she was going through during that time as she was constantly getting abused by her father both emotionally and physically. She was also traumatized by seeing what was happening to her mother who was enduring the same pain during that time. She learned music while staying with her grandmother in Rochester. She was really a good singer since her childhood and regularly used to perform in events organized in Rochester. She also sang the US national anthem in one of the state-organized events during that time.

Shelly Loraines Kearns daughter Christina AGUILLERA POSING FOR CAMERA.
Shelly Loraine Kearns daughter Christina Aguilera. Source: Instagram@xtina.

Her career officially began in 1993 when she got the chance to be a part of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as one of the Mouseketeers along with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Brittney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell. She has so far released nine albums and countless songs which include songs like Oh Mother, Gennie in a bottle, and What a Girl Wants are some of her epic songs among many others she has released so far in her career. She is also an actress and reality tv star who has featured in some musical movies like Burlesque, The Emoji Movie, and others.

She is currently an engaged woman with set assistant Matthew Rutler. She has been in a relationship since their time together shooting for the movie Burlesque and got engaged on February 14, 2014, and has a daughter named Summer Rain who was born on 16th August 2014. She was previously married to producer Jordan Bratman in 2005 and has a son with him named Max Bratman. They Separated in 2010 and finalized their divorce in 2011.

Net Worth

Shelly Loraine Kearns is a private person and a retired teacher who isn’t in the media spotlight and not many people know about her. So there is no information regarding her net worth that’s available for us to look up.

However, her daughter Christina has made a fortune for herself through her singing career. According to various online reliable sources, it is believed that she is worth a staggering $160 million.

Physical Appearance

Mother of the singer Aguilera, she is a woman in her early sixties and is of short height with her height being 5 feet 1 inch. She is a chubby woman with her weight being 70 kgs.

christina aguilerahjkl 1 min
Shelly Loraine Kearns was spotted at a shopping center. Source: @Just Jared.

She has black hair and black colored eye. She is a chubby woman although her exact body measurement isn’t available to look for.

Social Media Presence

Kearns is a private lady who doesn’t like to remain in the spotlight and is rarely seen anywhere with her daughter. She isn’t currently active on any kind of social media for people to check out her life.

Her daughter however is active on different social media accounts. She has a verified Instagram profile with the username @xtina which is a verified profile and has 8.3 million followers as of June 2022.

Rumors about Shelly Loraine Kearns

Shelly Loraine Kearns is a secretive and private person who is rarely seen in front of the media. She doesn’t like to hoard the spotlight and be a quiet person when it comes to things about her personal life.

That’s the reason that there have been no rumors regarding the sixty-two years old in the media that had caught the attention of anyone.


As mentioned earlier she is a private and secretive lady with very few to zero interactions in the media. She has never been a person who likes to cause controversy.

Her name hasn’t been involved in any kind of controversies so far in her career as she is always with her inner circle which includes her family.

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