On January 1st, AJ McLean and his wife Rochelle DeAnna McLean revealed their decision to end their 12-year marriage with deep love and respect, as stated in their joint Instagram announcement. This decision comes after a year of separation, following their earlier announcement in March about their temporary split.

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AJ McLean and Rochelle DeAnna McLean with their kids. Image Source: Instagram@aj_mclean

The Backstreet Boys singer and his partner crossed paths in 2008 when Rochelle was working as a waitress. After a brief courtship, AJ proposed on his 32nd birthday during a stage performance, leading to their marriage in December 17, 2011, in Los Angeles. Their joy expanded with the arrival of their daughters, Elliott in November 2012 and Lyric in March 2017.

While celebrating their 11th anniversary in December 2020, the couple faced a challenging turn in March 2023, announcing a “temporary” separation to prioritize personal growth.

The pair, AJ, 45, and Rochelle, 42, who were recently seen attending a screening of Trolls: Band Together with their daughters Elliott and Lyric, aim to maintain a friendly relationship going forward. Despite hoping for reconciliation, the love birds have decided to officially conclude their marriage, sharing this heartfelt decision with their followers on January 1.

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Coming to the love mate’s career, AJ and DeAnna have thrived in their music and beauty careers. AJ’s a key part of the Backstreet Boys, a hugely successful boy band selling over 100 million records globally with hits like “Everybody” and “I Want It That Way.”

Meanwhile, Rochelle’s a skilled hairstylist and makeup artist, collaborating with big names like Taylor Swift (Scott Kingsley Swift‘s daughter). She’s also appeared in music videos and joined AJ on the red carpet, showcasing her talents.

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AJ McLean and Rochelle DeAnna McLean announced their split. Image Source: Instagram@aj_mclean

“We’re focused on moving ahead in a positive way, keeping our friendship strong and prioritizing co-parenting for our girls,” they stated. “During this next phase, we value your kindness, respect, and privacy.”

In a March statement, the love companion discussed their separation, saying, “Marriage is tough, but it’s valuable. We’ve mutually decided to temporarily separate to work on ourselves and our marriage, aiming for a stronger future. Our plan is to reunite and continue nurturing our love and family. We request respect and privacy. Separation is challenging, especially with kids involved. Please be considerate.”

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