Cerys Morgan is an English Woman who is famously known as the wife of popular English comedian Russel Howard.

Unlike her husband, she isn’t a star or well-known figure. She married Russel after dating for 15 long years and her profession is a geriatric doctor in NHS.

Early Life and Education

Morgan has been out of the media radar for so long and has decided to keep information regarding herself private. Her exact death of birth is not known but it is known that she is 4 years younger than her husband Russel. So that makes her death of birth somewhere in the year 1984 and her current age must be 37 or 38. She hasn’t talked about her family in public, so any information regarding them is still a mystery.

Morgan is a well-educated person who has earned a degree in medical science. She completed her medical degree at Imperial College London where she has specialized in the medical management of Older Surgical patients.

Morgan’s Relationship Status

Cerys Morgan is currently a happily married woman with her long-time boyfriend Russel Howard. They have been dating since 2004 when Russel was 21 years old and Cerys was 17. They waited for 15 years before finally tieing the knot in 2019.

They first met each other when Russel was going to meet his friend, Creys’s sister of Russel Friend. They both from their first sight clicked on each other, they then started meeting behind her brother’s back and sometime after started dating. His friend and her brother at the beginning of the relationship didn’t approve of it and he was totally against it but as time passed everything worked out.

Who is Cerys Husband Russel Howard?

Russel Howard is an English comedian who is famous for the comedy show Russel Howard’s Good News. He is married to Dr. Cerys Morgan since 2019 after being in fifteen years-long relationships. Along with comedian, he is also a Tv presenter and a radio broadcaster.

Howard was born in Bristol on March 23, 1980. He was the oldest child among three of Dave and Ninette Howard. In his family, he has two siblings one being his sister who is an actor Kerry Howard and a younger brother Daniel Howard. While growing up and before taking comedy as a profession Howard was a big football lover and also regularly used to play for the local community team.

Howard began his career in the year 2004 when he started to write and perform the BBC Radio 1 show The Milk Runner. Along with writing and performing, he also used to sing for the show. He also took part in shows like Banter and Political Animal in his early career. Howard’s comic timing and delivery were praised by the audience and he kept getting the chances to improvise and even be better than he already was.

He started gaining popularity when he began Co-hosting with Comedian Jon Richardson on BBC Radio 6 Music show The Russel Howard Show. The show’s popularity skyrocketed as fans loved Russel. The popularity was that huge Russel’s show was then moved to BBC 3 where he started doing The Russel Howard Good News. Currently, he is doing stand-up and the show.

Dr. Morang’s role as an NHS worker during the pandemic.

In 2020 when the Corona Virus pandemic started, Doctors and people working in the medical field faced the ultimate test of their life. Among them, one was Dr. Morgan who is an active doctor of NHS(National Health Service) where she worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of others.

Cerys Morgan with her colleagues in a hospital.
Cerys Morgan with her colleagues. Source: [email protected]

She was placed on a Sabbatical just before the pandemic had started, although she could have left and ensured herself and her family’s safety, she decided to go back to work and help others. As she was engaging with patients with the virus, she and her husband Howard had to stay away from each other during this time. Howard, later on, described that he felt proud of his wife for helping others.

Is Morgan A Pet lover?

Cerys Morgan has always been fond of dogs. Her husband once jokingly said that she loves dogs more than him, although comic her love for dogs is unmeasurable.

Cerys Morgan wearing a black jacket clicking a selfie with her dog.
Cerys Morgan with her dog during a walk. Source: [email protected]

She along with her husband own a Jack Russell Terrier. The dog is named Archie and lives in their London home.

Is Dr. Morgan active on Social Media?

Dr. Morgan is active on Twitter only. She regularly tweets about different issues or her day-to-day life activities. She is on Twitter with the username @cerysamorgan1 and has 3445 followers as of May 2022.

Her Husband Russell however is a social media star who is active on Instagram with the username @russelhoward and has 529k followers as of May 2022.

Hobbies and Lifestyle

Dr. Morgan is a private person who has not made much Public appearance. From her own Twitter account bio and her account in general, it seems she is a huge Football lover and Supports the English Premier League Club Liverpool F.C. Her husband Russell is also a fan of the Club. Also, she also likes to keep herself fit, so she regularly goes to the gym.

Cerys Morgan wearing a pink jacket and black trekking trousers hiking in Maderia.
Cerys Morgan during hiking in Maderia. Source: [email protected]cerysamorgan1

In terms of Lifestyle, she lives a happy and good life with her husband in London currently. She isn’t much seen during her husband’s performances or tours with him. She is a dedicated and hardworking doctor who spent most of her time engaging in the medical field. But during her leisure time or holiday, she likes to travel to different parts of the U.K. or visit a foreign nation.

What is Morgan’s Net Worth?

Cerys Morgan hasn’t been talked about or discussed much in the media. So information regarding her is very limited. Her exact networth is difficult to say as various sources claim it differently from one another. A doctor in the UK averagely earns around 51,00 pounds sterling. So it can be believed that her networth is around 200-250k.

Her husband Russell Howard is a well-recognized star who has made quite some money for himself. According to various sources, it is believed that his net worth is $9 million. His comedy tour and performance along with his show is the major contributor to the majority of networth.

Rumors and Controversies

Cerys has been the kind of person who likes to mind her own business and not get involved in any kind of controversy or talk about any kind of controversy surrounding anyone. She likes to keep herself hidden from media and public attention.

There are no rumors regarding Morgan that have been floating around the media currently. it is hard to find a rumor about someone who has little to no media presence and lives a private life making herself busy with work.

Some Facts about Cerys Morgan

  • Dr. Morgan is active only on Twitter and isn’t available on Instagram.
  • She married Russell Howard after dating him for 15 years in 2019.
  • Cerys is an NHS doctor who has been on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

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