The famous saying, ‘Behind every successful man stands a woman’ who regularly holds his back,’ is right in the case of actor Nick Chinlund. The artist was featured in some great shows like ‘Sinner’ and ‘The Ambulance’ to create a significant reputation in the industry. In fact, it is his wife, Barbara Chinlund, who always supported her husband to make it big in Hollywood.

How Much is Barbara Chinlund’s Net Worth?

Talking about the celebrity wife, Barbara Chinlund is the one who manages her husband’s massive empire. While her net worth isn’t disclosed yet, her beau Nick Chinlund is a millionaire. Specifically, the cast from ‘Criminal Minds‘ owns a whopping net worth of $1 million.

Barbara Chinlund's husband Nick Chinlund poses for a picture.
Barbara Chinlund and Nick Chinlund tied the knot in 2005. Source: Alchetron

Unlike professional life of Nick, which is quite transparent, the married couple looks to keep their personal details extremely private. However, despite such concealed data, it is safe to say that the million dollars worthy actor lives a lavish lifestyle with his beloved wife, Barbara Chinlund.

Barbara Chinlund and Nick Chinlund Married Since 2005

The New York-born actor started his professional journey back in 1990, but it wasn’t until the 2000s that he found his soulmate. Barbara and Nick dated for quite some time before making the big decision to tie the knot in 2005. Surprisingly, the private duo hasn’t revealed much about their love story and how they first met to date.

Barbara Chinlund's husband Nick Chinlund poses with Dana Wheeler-Nicholson.
Barbara Chinlund and Nick Chinlund exchanged their vows in 2005.

Shortly after exchanging the vows, Barbara became pregnant and gave birth to their only child. Ever since they have been living a blissful married life without any conflicts and no signs of the duo separating. Let’s just hope that things stay the same forever. Barbara and her husband Nick are close to celebrating their two decades of married life.

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Barbara Chinlund: Famous From Her Husband

Call it the advantage or disadvantage, but when you date or marry a celebrity, you become one as well. There was no way fans would have known of Barbara Chinlund if it weren’t for her marriage with Nick, and rightly so.

Barbara Chinlund's husband Nick Chinlund poses for a picture.
Barbara Chinlund rose to fame after marrying actor Nick Chinlund.

Talking about her beau, Nick is a household name in Hollywood. Nick’s full name is Zareh Nicholas Chinlund. He is best known for his cameo roles in numerous projects, including the likes of ‘Law & Order’, ‘Castle’, and an episode of ‘House.’ Furthermore, on the big screens, he starred in movies like ‘Tears of the Sun,’ ‘Con Air,’ and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick.’

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Thanks to his versatility, Barbara’s husband Nick Chinlund bagged a few accolades, including the Best Actor in a leading role for ‘Sinner’ in the 41st Annual Brooklyn Arts Council International Film Festival. Surprisingly, Nick made his debut back in 1990 in ‘The Ambulance’ with a minor role in Hugo. Since then, he kept up with the hard work and got small roles here and there to strengthen his resume, which eventually led to big success.

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