Many things happened during this pandemic, many were infected by Covid-19, and many lost their lives. The year 2020 wasn’t good to start anything. Amid the chaos, one thing that caused lots of disturbance in society was racism. Lots of issues were created on that topic, and one of those is related to Svitlana Flom. Yes, wife of the auto mogul Gary Flom. A video of her calling police on an Afro-American woman named Garcia went viral in the media, which destroyed her reputation. However, there are always two sides to a story. So, let’s learn everything there is to on that incident, and in addition to that, we will also share all there is to on Svitlana Flom.

Who is Svitlana Flom’s Husband, Gary Flom?

Before discussing Svitlana Flom’s controversial video, let’s began this article by learning why her husband showed up on that clip and didn’t show any interest in the incident.

Svitlana is married to an auto mogul named Gary Flom. Yes, her lover is a businessman. However, before he switched to a corporate career, Gary served in the United States Marine Corps.

The mother of three Svitlana Flom with her baby girl.
Svitlana with her daughter Vivienne.
Photo Source: Earn The Necklace

Speaking more of Gray’s work history, Svitlana’s beau served as the president of BNF Automotive Group, an automotive retailer that counted Nissan and Jaguar among its brand partners, as Earn The Necklace noted. 

With a successful beginning in the corporate world, Svitlana’s spouse succeeded in selling over $600 million worth of vehicles back in 2016. Unfortunately, a year after, he ran into bad luck and lost his dealerships, and gradually his business faced bankruptcy.

Svitlana and Gary Flom Married in 2010

 Svitlana Flom and her beau first began to date back in 2008. And after two years, the duo tied the knot. They walked down the aisle on October 26, 2010.

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After the marriage, the couple shares one daughter named Vivienne. In addition to a baby girl, they gave birth to another child; however, details about him/her aren’t revealed. Furthermore, Svitlana was pregnant with the pair’s third child.

Svitlana Flom “Karen” Under Fire After Her Controversial Video Became Viral

As mentioned earlier, Svitlana Flom’s reputation got smashed after the video of her calling police on an Afro-American woman named Janae Garcia went viral. That act of her made her “New York Karen.”

Going through the video, we can see Svitlana with her baby bump in a park calling police officers on Janae, telling the latter was “playing the black card.” After the clip went viral, she received tons of criticism from the public.

Svitlana Flom with her baby bump calling 911 for help.
Svitlana’s video of complaining about an Afro-American lady, Janae Garcia went viral.
Photo Source: Instagram

The series of videos Janae posted messed up Svitlana’s social image. As the incident gained more attention, everybody started to talk about it. However, there is more to the story.

According to Svitlana, Janae edited the video to make her “look like a racist,” and there are more to the story which Janae didn’t share on those clips. Svitlana claims she initially approached Garcia and her friend and told them “they’re not supposed to be smoking, and Garcia jumped off her seat, then ran in her face without caring Flom was pregnant, or that she had two little kids.

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The actual scene was forty-five minutes long, but Garcia only showed the part that would suit her narrative, as per Svitlana; thus, the video was intentionally created to show her as white trash in the mass.

What is real and whose story is true is unknown as of now; however, one thing for sure is that clip messed up Svitlana’s life. Because that video favors Garcia, people showed sympathy to her, and Flom’s wife is having a hard time.

Svitlana Flom’s Net Worth and Career Details

 Svitlana Flom hasn’t shared her actual net worth with the public. Thus, all we have are assumptions. However, before going there, it’s better to talk a little about what she does for a living?

Professionally Svitlana is a food blogger and restaurateur. Indeed, like her spouse Gary, she’s into the business world.

Svitlana Flom lives a lavish lifestyle with her husband Gray Flom.
Svitlana lives a lavish lifestyle alongside her husband and children.
Photo Source: Zimbio

Although she writes blogs on different foods, at the beginning, when Svitlana came to the U.S., she had no relationship with the kitchen. She honed that skills after trying various eateries with her beau, Gary.

Gradually, Svitlana developed a passion for cooking and ended up writing food blogs. She founded Art de Fete, her blog where she shared home décor ideas and food recipes. Subsequently, she began contributing to other publications as well.

After having some successful years as a food blogger, Svitlana entered the restaurant business. She opened her eatery named Maison Vivienne, after her daughter, in Southampton.

Svitlana runs her restaurant in collaboration with Allan Basaran. Her eatery is inspired by the cuisine and aesthetic of Southern France.

Unfortunately, the recent blame of racism also affected Svitlana’s business. Most sites have either taken down her pieces or added a disclaimer distancing themselves from her. 

Svitlana, herself stays away from social media nowadays. Most of them are either deleted or switched to private. Even her Art de Fete Instagram page is private.

Keeping all of this in mind, we think as of 2020, Svitlana holds an estimated net worth of $800 thousand. there is no doubt her wealth has increased even more in the past two years.

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