Early Life and Family

Kaili Thorne was born with the Hawaiian name “whisper of the ocean. ” Little Kaili spent her first years of life traveling around Hawaii with her mother. During one’s early teen years, Kaili would relocate to Miami to live with her father and three younger half-siblings, among whom were Dani, Remy, and Bella Thorne.

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Captivating hearts on and off the screen.
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In 2007, though, Kaili’s dad died at the age of 44 from a motorcycle accident.

Education and Training

Upon setting foot in Miami, Kaili Thorne went deep into her studies on acting and laid the foundation for her acting career. She later moved to New York and worked on her talents even more. Such formal training laid a solid foundation for her professional acting career, which continues to grow with remarkable feats today.

Kaili belongs to a talented family lineage in the entertainment industry, being a half-sister to three others who are actively engaged in acting. They all live in Los Angeles. She still pursues her artistry of the soul there and brings much to the diverse cultural life in Hollywood.

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Acting Career

Kaili has cemented herself as a versatile performer, writer, and producer. She is widely recognized for her work on the TV series “Lindsey Peterson” and “Amber.”

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On the offbeat side, Kaili has written and produced “Zom-B-Movie,” furthering her talents in front of and behind the camera.

Personal Life

She has dated Brett Lietzke. In the second half of 2019, they kept posting together on Kaili’s Instagram page, which left a hint that they were dating.

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Adventures together, making memories that last a lifetime.
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Kaili shares a good bond with her mother’s side of half-siblings, too: Dani, Remy, and Bella Thorne; they all are very supportive and are close-knit even though their intrinsic development was marred by the absence of their father.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Kaili believes greatly in giving back to the community. For this, among other things, she has participated in many charity events to help raise money for children and families who are in dire need.

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Her philanthropic interests include matters that dwell on mental health awareness and support for less privileged children.

Social Media Presence

Kaili is active on social media, where she interacts with her audience, updating her projects and major life happenings. To her, being present on social media allows her to relate to her audience and share her work.

Future Ambitions

Kaili Thorne has gathered massive experience in the entertainment industry, and being a storyteller at heart, she is an artist in every sense of the term—the perfect capability to take her career to the next level.

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She seeks to produce additional films and television programs that invite and capture the spirit of audiences all around the world. Also, she would like to continue her charity efforts in the best possible use of the position she is in.

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