In the present time, no matter where you live Korean bands and music is something everyone’s heard due to the popularity of groups like BTS, Black Pink, and many more. Similarly today we’re going to talk about another South Korean singer Min Kyung Hoon. He’s the lead vocalist of South Korean rock band Buzz as well as the one-half duo of Universe Cowards along with fellow singer, songwriter Kim Hee Chul.

A Brief Glimpse At Min Kyung Hoon Early Life

Min Kyung Hoon, the Korean heartthrob was born on 6th October 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. Growing up, he shared a bond with his siblings. In the beginning, the singer never thought he would become an entertainer as he used to aspire to become a gamer later on in his life. It all changed once he joined the high school as his friends were all interested to sing and perform.

Min Kyung Hoon has a net worth collection of $1 million
Min Kyung Hoon initially wanted to be a gamer.
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Later on, his ambition changed and he started focusing on his singing career. He was quite popular during high school due to his strong vocals and flower boy visuals. At that time, he auditioned for AYON Entertainment just for the sake of it, but it ended up leading a path to his world-famous entertainment group Buzz. The audition was liked by everyone and he was signed in late spring 2002 as the group’s lead vocalist.

What Is Min Kyung Hoon Net Worth Collection?

Min Kyung Hoon is a part of the widely recognized rock-ballad boy band named Buzz under the Santa Music Company. The group debuted back in 2003 and has been active to date even though some of the members left the band. To date, the singer’s got success not only professionally but also financially.

Min Kyung Hoon is a South Korean band member
Min Kyung Hoon enjoys a luxurious lifestyle in Korea.
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The 35-year-old has been a part of an endless number of albums, singles, television shows which has led him to collect stacks of cash for himself. Specifically speaking, according to our speculation the singer’s got a smashing net worth collection of $1 million as of 2020.

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It can be seen that the singer enjoys a lavish lifestyle filled with all sorts of luxuries from his own earnings.

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