Aleeza Goggins

Aleeza Goggins is popular for being ex-wife of the toughest man alive, David Goggins.

Some people come to the limelight based on talent, while others come to the limelight because they have relationships with celebrities. Many people who come into the spotlight because of their connections are worth being the media’s topic. Hence, moving forward in the article, today, we are going to share some information about Aleeza Goggins, … Read more

Orianne Cevey

The ex-wife of Phil Collins, Orianne Cevey is a successful professional jewelry designer whose whole earning source is from designing unique jewelry who is a millionaire.

Whenever we hear Orianne Cevey, we are reminded of the million-dollar divorce of the famous multi-instrumental artist Phil Collins. Oriana Cevey is a well-known Swiss-American businesswoman, professional jewelry designer, and social media influencer. This article highlights the personal information, net worth, career, and many more. Let’s learn a little bit of information about this fantastic … Read more

Marc Bendavid

The popular Canadian actor Marc Bendavid is a millionaire.

Canadian actor Marc Bendavid is renowned for his best performance as Romeo in the play “Romeo and Juliet.” You might also recognize him from the movie “Anne of the Green Gables: A New Beginning.” Bendavid has grabbed the public’s attention by doing many lead roles and side roles in movies, plays, short films, etc. Today … Read more

Haleigh Hughes

The mother of one Haleigh Hughes is married to NFL star Nick Mullens.

Haleigh Hughes rose to fame as the proud wife of the young football athlete, Nick Mullens. Her husband began to catch tons of attention after his impressive first San Francisco 49ers performance against the Raiders. After he came to the limelight, Haleigh, as Nick’s better-half became the topic of many headlines; thus, today, we present … Read more

Couper Samuelson

Couper Samuelson is happily married to his wife, Julia, a reporter.

One needs to work hard to get public attention by their skills while others came into the spotlight because of their link with the celebrities. Couper Samuelson, a successful businessman, comes to people’s minds because of his wife Julia Boorstin, CNBC, rather than being a producer. So, today this article grabs your attention about Couper … Read more

Jean Muggli

Jean Muggli was married to athlete star Michael Strahan.

Jean Muggli came (b. 1965) to the spotlight from her former relationship with her ex-husband, Michael Anthony Strahan. Her former beau is an American television host, journalist and used to be a professional football player. He gained amassed popularity from his exceptional work in the athlete world, and after Jean tied the knot with him, … Read more

Kathy Gerrity

The former model and actress Kathy Gerrity is married to the correspondent, Steve Doocy.

Anyone in this world gets fame; either they are themselves a celebrity or their strings are attached to stars. Kathy Gerrity is a beautiful and talented model and an actress in her early 60s. Kathy being a model and an actress is true, but Gerrity is famous for being the popular Tv personal Steve Doocy’s … Read more

Edward Sharpe

Edward Sharpe lives in luxury as a successful musical artist.

Everybody in this world loves to listen to music. Music is the shorthand of emotion through which one can relay his/her feelings through it. In this vast music industry, one is undoubtedly familiar with the popular music band “Edward Sharpes and the Magnetic Zeros.” In this article, we are about to present you with facts … Read more