Sebastian Roché is a French-Scottish actor who has starred in films such as Odyssey 5, General Hospital, Fringe, and Supernatural as Kurt Mendel, Jerry Jacks, Thomas Jerome Newton, and Balthazar. In addition, his movie Supernatural, The Series prequel is officially returning.

Besides his professional career, Sebastian is a married man. He exchanged vows with his beautiful wife, Alicia Hannah-Kim. She is an Australian actress who began her career as a member of ATYP, Australia’s national youth theatre group, before making her television debut in the critically praised series ‘White Collar Blue.’ So, let’s know about Sebastian and Alicia’s relationship timeline.

Sebastian Roché & Alicia Hannah-Kim’s Married Life

On May 31, 2014, Sebastian Roche married actress Alicia Hannah at Chateau Les Bouysses in Mercury in the south of France. The week-long celebration came close with an intimate ceremony attended by 50 close friends and family members. Oded Fehr, who served as their officiant, described the festivities as “a French fairytale.”

Picturesque undulating vineyard slopes with a river meandering between them.” A castle with a 700-year history. The wine is produced in the area. Baguettes stuffed with brie cheese that taste like nirvana. A bunch of strangers who will become buddies for life. “It’s all just a build-up to the most amazing wedding,” Sebastian told PEOPLE.

Sebastian Roché & Alicia Hannah-Kim married in 2014.
Sebastian Roché & Alicia Hannah-Kim are a married couple.
Photo Source: Instagram

I was charmed and knew she was ‘the one,’ so I gave her my phone number, but she never phoned!PEOPLE spoke with Roché. “We stayed friends anyway, and thankfully, it evolved into something more 212 years ago.” Last year, on the eve of her birthday, I proposed in Topanga Canyon.

Alicia donned a handmade gown by Los Angeles designer Seo Ho Seok made of silk organza and Chantilly lace for a recent episode of Chasing Life. She explained, “We labored for six months to design a gown worthy of a story.” “I had the sensation of floating.

Since then, the couple has become inseparable. They’ve appeared in several films and television shows together, including We Love You and Sally Carmichael. Also, based on their Instagram profile, they spend most of their time together hanging out, traveling to new places, and dining in high-end restaurants.

The beautiful couple is now celebrating their 8th year of marriage anniversary. As a result, the couple is happy and blissful together, with no hints of divorce or separation. Similarly, his co-star Lexi Ainsworth is also happily married to Matthew Lippman.

Sebastian Roché’s Previous Relationship

If you’re a Roche fan, you’re probably well aware of his marital situation. Sebastian has been married twice, and both of his wives are actresses. Vera Farmiga, an American actress, was his first wife. They met while competing in the television show Roar.

Sebastian Roché is married twice.
Sebastian Roché was with his former wife, Vera Farmiga.
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They eloped to the Bahamas in 1997, shortly after the series ended. They used to reside on a 117-acre estate in Upstate New York. They split up in 2004 after seven years of marriage for undisclosed reasons. On the other hand, Farmiga began dating musician Renn Hawkey a year after her divorce from Roché on the set of the television drama “Touching Evil.” In addition, the actor has no children from either of his marriages.

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