Mark Strassmann

A career in news and media is on a few people’s radar, and one can understand why fewer people tend to choose this line

23 Jun

Linda Stouffer

Linda Stouffer is an American anchor who works as a news correspondent and anchor for WST-TV 2 in Atlanta, Georgia. For the

22 Jun
Lola Lolani Momoa is the daughter of Jason Momoa . Source: Biography Tribune

Lola Iolani Momoa

Being related to anyone in the showbiz industry means that there is a high chance that you become a popular figure as well.

22 Jun

Yalda Hakim

Afghan-born Australian journalist Yalda Hakim’s story in journalism career is one of the moving stories you can hear

21 Jun

Nikki Battiste

Nikki Battiste is an American producer and correspondent who serves as a correspondent for CBS News. Previously, she worked

21 Jun

Lauren Simonetti

Lauren Simonetti is an American journalist who has been serving as a field producer and a reporter for the well-known news

17 Jun

Janet Shamlian

Delivering accurate and reliable news is never an easy thing to do, especially when people all around the world is watching

17 Jun

Anne-Marie Green

Anne-Marie Green is a New York-based Canadian journalist who works as an anchor and reporter for CBSN, CBS News’s

17 Jun

Crystal Egger

Crystal Egger is an American journalist who works as a weather reporter at Monarch Weather Consulting. She has served many

16 Jun

Kelly Cass

The journalism field has many areas, which is why journalists specialize in various fields. American journalist Kelly Cass is

15 Jun