Rachel Maddow is the host of The Rachel Maddow Show. Source: Business Insider

Rachel Maddow

If you follow the American news and politics, then you might be familiar with the face of Rachel Maddow, the liberal

29 Jun

Nikki Battiste

Nikki Battiste is an American producer and correspondent who serves as a correspondent for CBS News. Previously, she worked

21 Jun
David Begnaud is the lead national correspondent for CBS This Morning. Source: CBS News

David Begnaud

The only aim of journalism should be service, and David Begnaud is someone who fully dedicates his life to the purpose. The

21 Jun

Christina Macfarlane

Christina Macfarlane has been a dedicated sports journalist currently serving as a sports and news anchor in the London

19 Jun
Dagen McDowell owns a staggering net worth of $500,000. Source: Fox News

Dagen McDowell

Being a journalist isn’t everybody’s piece of cake, as there are immense pressure and responsibility for it. In a

18 Jun
Robert Benevides handles the Raymond Burr vineyard. Source: Celebsfamily

Robert Benevides

Call it the advantage or disadvantage, but when you are related to a celebrity, there is a high chance that you will become

12 Jun
Todd van der Heyden is a news anchor at CTV News Channel. Source: Instagram

Todd van der Heyden

The sole aim of journalism is service, and Todd van der Heyden is someone who dedicates himself to the profession. The

12 Jun
Michael La Crosse

Michael La Crosse

In today’s era, media play a crucial role in providing the audience with the knowledge of things happening around the

11 Jun

Ashley Tillery

Ashley Tillery is a talented American journalist who worked as a associate producer for KIAH-TV CW39, producing the show

11 Jun

Maria Sotolongo

There might be a few people who love their job more than Maria Sotolongo. The Spanish-American journalist has been working

10 Jun