The famous saying, ‘behind every successful man, is a woman who constantly supports him’ holds true in the case of Melissa Buccigross. She was the long-time wife of ESPN anchor John Buccigross for over 25 years. The celebrity world is very crooked when it comes to marriage, as relationships are breaking everywhere. So, let us delve into the personal life, net worth, and relationship of Melissa with her ex-lover.

Melissa Buccigross’s Married Life with John Buccigross: Divorce and Children

Melissa Buccigross fell in love with the ESPN host John Buccigross, way back in the early 1990s. After a certain time of dating, Melissa decided to turn her boyfriend into her husband. Eventually, she tied the knot with John on September 11, 1991. Interestingly, they enjoyed a lavish wedding ceremony in an Italian-style wedding.

Melissa Buccigross with her ex-husband John Buccigross.
Melissa Buccigross tied the knot with ESPN host John Buccigross in 1991. Source: Fabwags

As for children, Melissa and John are parents of three. Shortly after their marriage, the Italian diva became a mother for the first time. She welcomed her first child, Malorie Buccigross, in 1992. The celebrity daughter is an adult now and lives with her boyfriend Jack in Chicago. Later, the former couple welcomed two sons, Brett Buccigross and Jack Buccagross, in their lives.

My kids are grown now and I am single.

Melissa’s ex-husband John Buccigross

With over twenty-five years of marriage, the fans were up for a shock in 2017. Melissa and John started having several conflicts and fights in their relationship. Consequently, they parted ways with a divorce on March 28, 2017, which shows that no relationship is safe. Despite their split, the two broke up on good terms and remain friends.

Melissa Buccigross’s Net Worth

The celebrity ex-wife, Melissa Buccagross’s personal and career details, are private, unlike her ex-husband, John. As per the sources, she served as a housewife and a loving mother of three, while she was with the sports host. On the other hand, her husband is well-known in the sports industry, as he is a journalist for the popular ESPN network. As per the reports, he has been working with them since 1996 to the current date.

Melissa Buccigross poses with her son and daughter.
Melissa Buccigross owns a net worth of $200,000. Source: Facebook

When it comes to the earnings of Melissa’s former lover, John, he is a millionaire, thanks to his accomplishments as a journalist. Thus, he owns a whopping net worth of $5 million as of 2020. With such a respectable job for so long, he takes quite a hefty paycheck worth around $250,000 as a salary.

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Since Melissa and John are no longer together as they parted ways in 2017, the sports anchor paid certain money to his ex-wife for spousal support. Thus, as per the estimates, the celebrity’s former wife amasses around $500,000 in terms of net worth.

Melissa Buccigross: Early Life

The love story of Melissa Buccigross and her ex-husband John Buccigross was a cross-cultural one. As the celebrity wife was born in Italy in 1971, she struggled to settle in America after moving in her childhood. Unlike her husband, she lived a lowkey life before their marriage, so not much is known about her family and childhood. During her married life, she used to live in their lavish house at South Windsor, Connecticut.

Melissa Buccigross in a red dress poses for a picture.
Melissa Buccigross and John Buccigross parted ways in 2017.Source: Playerswiki

On the other hand, John is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He moved to Ohio at the mere age of 11 and went to Steubenville Catholic Central High School. Following graduation, he went to Heidelberg College and majored in Communications and Theater Arts. Initially, he worked in Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod, before getting a job in ESPN. The 55-year-old hosted Emmy-winning shows like ‘SportsCenter’ and ‘Baseball Tonight.’

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