The showbiz industry is so vast that once you are in it, you drag your entire family to all the hype. Yasmeen Fathi is someone who shares the same fate as she is a celebrity daughter. By her surname, you could probably guess who her mother is. To break things down, she is the daughter of the gorgeous Egyptian actress, Naglaa Fathi. The producer cum actress is one of Egypt’s most exceptional talents who gave some hit shows and movies like ‘Alexandria…Why?’ and ‘The Unknown.’ In addition to that, the actress also produced the hit movie, ‘Supermarket.’

Yasmeen Fathi: Famous Due to Her Mother

It is quite obvious that there was no way Yasmeen Fathi would be famous if it weren’t for her blood connection. She is the daughter of the veteran actress cum producer from Cairo, Egypt, Naglaa Fathi. The star from ‘Ghadan Sa’antaqem’ is no longer active in the industry as she retired on her 34-year journey in 2000. Despite that, the films she contributed to her peak years last forever as people still love to watch them.

Yasmeen Fathi's mother Naglaa Fathi in a black dress.
Yasmeen Fathi is the only daughter of Naglaa Fathi. Source: IMDB

Naglaa, who is one of Egypt’s best actresses, featured in over 80 films. Not just that, she established a production company as well, which helped the movie industry to rise big time. Moreover, she also wrote the screenplay for ‘Tomorrow I Will Exact My Revenge, ‘ which bagged several awards.

Born to such a sensation, there is no doubt, that Yasmeen Fathi has a lot of pressure with the family name. Despite all that, she didn’t choose a career in acting, unlike many celebrity children, which was quite amusing.

Yasmeen Fathi’s Net Worth Status

Regarding the fortune figure of the celebrity daughter, there is no certain disclosed sum. However, as per estimates, Yasmeen owns a staggering net worth of around $200,000 as of May 2020. Her mom, Naglaa, on the other hand, is a millionaire. Specifically, she amassed a net worth of $1 million.

Yasmeen Fathi's mom Naglaa Fathi in a white dress.
Yasmeen Fathi was born from Naglaa Fathi’s first marriage. Source: Alchetron

Although the life of Yasmeen is extremely private, it is safe to say that she lives a lavishing life as the only daughter of the veteran actress. Born around the mid-1970s, she is an adult now, but not much is known about her married life or dating history. Likewise, she didn’t follow her experienced mother to acting as well.

Yasmeen Fathi’s Parents Broke Up

The professional success of Yasmeen Fathi’s mother, Naglaa Fathi, is transparent to everyone, but she failed to replicate similar luck in her married life. In the early seventies, Naglaa fell in love with fellow actor Hamdy Kandil, and they dated for some time. Over time, they decided to turn their love affair into marriage in 1973.

It was then that the Egyptian actress gave birth to her only child, Yasmeen Fathi. Just when everything looked good, the relationship between Naglaa and her husband saw the formation of cracks. Eventually, they parted ways with a divorce. Although there isn’t information on who she spent the rest of her childhood, Yasmeen is on good terms with both her parents.

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Yasmeen’s mother later moved on as she met his next lover in Hamdy Kandil. The pair exchanged their vows on 19 September 1992, and are happily together till the current date.

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