David Madison Cawthorn is an American politician and a member of the Republican Party(GOP). He recently won the Republican primary election for North Carolina’s 11 congressional districts in June 2020. He has the chance to break the record as the youngest member to be a part of the House of Representatives if elected. So, today we get to know more about the young politician, all from his net worth collection, career, and love life.

Madison Cawthorn’s Political Career

At the moment Madison Cawthorn is the chief executive officer of the SPQR Holdings, LLC which is a real estate investment company based in Hendersonville. To date, he is the only employee of the company, and there are no official records of his income.

Madison Cawthorn has a net worth collection of $1 million
Madison Cawthorn is a member of the Republican Party.
Photo Source: Newsweek

As for his political achievements, in the 2020 Republican primary held for the North Carolina’s 11th congressional district, he successfully defeated Lynda Bennett. His opposition Bennett was endorsed by President Donald Trump and his mentor White House Chief of Staff, Meadows, which is why defeating her was a big achievement for Madison.

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Now Cawthorn has a good chance of becoming the youngest Republican to be ever elected to the House of Representatives. Furthermore, he mentioned that he’d like to be the face of the Republican Party when it comes to health in the near future.

What Might Be The Net Worth Collection of Madison Cawthorn?

For a 25-year-old, Madison Cawthorn’s really made a successful name for himself, not only professionally but also financially as well. If you look at his earnings, he’s made a staggering net worth collection of $1.5 million as of 2020.

Madison Cawthorn at the national convention
Madison Cawthorn at the Republican National Convention.
Photo Source: Wlos

Back in 2014, Madison was part of an unfortunate accident while he was a passenger in his friend’s SUV. The accident occurred on Interstate 4 near Daytona Beach because his friend fell asleep while driving. The accident left him partially paralyzed and he accrued $3 million as medical debt recovery.

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At that time, his friend had offered him $3 million for his medical treatment but he sued the company for a major $30 million instead. However, the judge ruled on the favor of the insurer’s behalf and Madison lost the case. Following the accident, he was offered a chance to be employed as a staff assistant in U.S Representative Meadow’s district office.

Madison Cawthorn’s Relationship, and Sexual Misconduct Allegations

As for his personal life, Madison Cawthorn is a committed man, who is engaged to the love of his life, Cristina Bayardelle. His fiance is a college student and a CrossFit athlete. The pair got engaged back in December 2019 and are yet to tie the knot.

Madison Cawthorn and his fiance Critsina Bayardelle.
Photo Source: Birthday Wiki

Besides that, in August 2020, amid his campaign for congress, there were several women who accused Cawthorn of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. The 25-year-old addressed the allegation and also questioned the timing of the allegation.

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