Lili Estefan, Lorenzo Luaces’ ex-wife is a Cuban professional model, and television personality who rose to fame as the host of the Univision show El Gordo y la Flaca and as a judge on Mira Quien Baila‘s competition show.

Similarly, the TV star began her television modeling career in 1986 on Univision’s Sabado Gigante, and she has made fame for herself in the entertainment sector since then.

The model has made headlines after speaking up on Facebook’s Red Table Talk: The Estefans about her difficult and public divorce. After 25 years of marriage, Lili and her ex-husband Lorenzo Luaces, who were cherished by Latinx audiences worldwide, announced their divorce in 2017. So, let’s know all the details about Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan’s relationship timeline.

Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan’s Married Life

Lili Estefan is a divorced woman right now. Previously, in 1992, the blonde beauty married Lorenzo Luaces. After being in a relationship for numerous months, the pair married. Lina Teresa and Lorenzo Jr., their two children, were born to them together.

However, in September 2017, the duo decided to split and divorce, and they formally separated in 2019. Lili felt she needed some healing, so she went to the Red Table on Facebook’s new spinoff show, Red Table Chat: The Estefans, following in the footsteps of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s tell-all talk show. The El Gordo y la Flaca host spoke out about her hard divorce from ex-husband Lorenzo Luaces on the show’s first episode.

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Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan have two children.
Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan were married in 1992.
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Lili and Lorenzo split up after the paparazzi spotted him cheating on her. However, most people are unaware of Lili’s further suffering and betrayal behind the scenes. Just two weeks after the pair celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, Lili’s “everything halted… utterly altered,” as she recalls in the episode.

“I remember being in the parking lots of [the] studios, full of people moving out, and my husband says, ‘I have to talk to you, I have to tell you something,'” she recalls from Hurricane Irma. ‘A photographer caught me with another woman, and the photos are worth $200,000,’ he alleges.

The news broke Lili’s heart. Despite her obvious pain, Lili resolved to remain with her guy and attempt to save her family. However, the tale quickly grew in popularity and was broadcast as breaking world news. After Lili confronted Lorenzo, he walked out of their home and didn’t talk to her.

“After hours of defending him in front of my employer and attorneys… In the episode, Lili stated, “I got divorced and never had a discussion with him.” “I haven’t communicated with him in two years, and we don’t communicate,” she said. He speaks with me via the children.” Similarly, Billie Eilish and Matthew Tyler Vorce are breaking up.

Interstingly, Lili attended Tanya Charry‘s marriage.

Lorenzo cheated on Lili with whom?

After Lorenzo became so enraged that he stormed out of the house and never returned, he purchased the paparazzi images. Gloria and Lili speculated on Red Table Talk that he did it to safeguard the family. Consequently, it’s difficult to tell who he was photographed with or if they’re still together.

Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan aren't together.
Lorenzo Luaces and Lili Estefan are divorced now.
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While Lili has struggled to find closure in her relationship because they haven’t spoken since that family talk, she is now ready to open out about it. She wants to “assist other ladies because so many are going through the same thing.” “My ex departed, and I’m the one that stuck behind to pick up the pieces,” she told ET.

What Is Lorenzo Luaces’s Current Relationship Status?

Right now, we don’t have any clear details about Lorenzo having a new wife or partner in his life. He’s kind of like a mystery guy, and he hasn’t shared much about his current relationship status.

After his divorce, teh celebrity ex-husband decided to keep his life private and low-key. He’s been keeping things out of the public eye, putting his attention on his career and other projects instead.

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