Jorrit Faassen is the son-in-law of Russian politician Vladimir Putin. People born into wealthy or famous families are considered fortunate. They don’t have to make an effort to become famous and enjoy a rich lifestyle. Today we’re talking about the relationship of Mariya Putina, the daughter of one of the world’s most powerful men, Vladimir Putin.

The celebrity kid keeps her married life out of the spotlight. She is the proud mother of a kid and married to her longtime lover. However, no information about her family has been released. Mariya, her spouse Jorrit Faasen, and their children presently reside in South Holland. Let’s know all details about Jorrit Faassen and Mariya Putina’s relationship timeline.

Jorrit Faassen & Mariya Putina’s Married Life

Vladimir Putin’s family is incredibly private, and there have been no details about his family for the past two decades. According to sources, there have been some recent allegations about his daughter Mariya Putina, but there are no formal records to back this up.

Mariya Putina is a married woman.
Mariya Putina is with her family.
Photo Source: The Moscow Times

According to certain internet tabloids, Mariya married Jorrit Faassen, a Dutchman. Jorrit’s true identity is unknown. However, he is thought to be the owner of the Russian gas company Gazprom. According to sources, Faassen is also the vice-chairman of MEF Audit. According to rumors, Mariya has a daughter, making the Russian President a hidden grandpa. Mariya gave birth to a daughter, although no official photo exists.

Because of Faassen and Putina’s secrecy, there isn’t much information about their relationship. Jorrit and Mariya, on the other hand, reportedly dated for several months before marrying. Jorrit Faassen, her husband, previously worked as an executive at Gazprom. In addition, he made the news in 2010. Similarly, Josh Hartnett and Tamsin Egerton are a married couple.

Jorrit Faassen & Mariya Putina’s Lifestyle

Jorrit Faassen and Mariya Putina used to reside in a £2 million penthouse. After being overthrown and fleeing to Moscow, their whereabouts are unclear. Following the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in 2015. Putina Vorontsova and her husband were expelled from the Netherlands.

Mariya Putina is a millionaire.
Mariya Putina is living a lavish lifestyle.
Photo Source: Abtc. ng

Moreover, Jorrit served as an executive for Gazprom, Vladimir Putin’s part-owned Russian state-controlled gas firm. Faassen, on the other hand, has not been transparent with the media about his true net worth, income, or profits. In addition, there is little information on his struggle or progress in his job. His girlfriend Mariya Putina, on the other hand, has a net worth of $10 million.

The beautiful lady has remained free of rumors and scandals thus far, maybe due to her avoidance of media attention. Mariya is a rich woman who has been seen traveling on big yachts. A gay fitness instructor and a lesbian artist are among her friends, which may generate conflict with her father, Vladimir, who is homophobic. Mariya Putina has not been involved in any other controversies. And, as long as Vladimir remains in power, we think Mariya’s and her family’s identities will be kept disguised.

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