The name Hazel Cagalitan isn’t new to viewers of the popular TLC show, 90 Day Fiancé. It’s a reality television series where couples from different countries are focused on. The show theme is that the pair should apply for or need to have a K-1 visa and therefore have 90 days to marry each other. While the series is getting lots of hype, every duo who showed up on the show garnered massive attention. Within those couples, Hazel is also one. Because of this, many want to learn about her, which brought us to this article. Here we will share everything the internet has on the reality star; thus, keep reading to know it all.

Hazel Cagalitan Net Worth. How Much She Makes as a Reality Star?

Starting from Hazel Cagalitan’s net worth, many might be curious to know how much she earns? Desperate to disclose her financial details, we did everything we can, went through all reliable sites; unfortunately, none has an answer to that question.

Hazel Cagalitan holds a net worth of $300 thousand as of 2020.
The TLC star, Hazel’s net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand.
Photo Source: The Virginia Pilot

Regardless of the odds, there is some rough estimation on the internet regarding her fortune. It’s estimated that she holds a net worth of $300 thousand as of 2020.

Indeed, there speculation 90 Day Fiancé cast, Hazel enjoys a six-figure fortune. So, how does she earns her living? Actually, no one got an answer to that too. Her professional life is unknown for now, and all people know about her career is she’s a cast on the TLC reality show.

Although her career records are now where to be found, there must be some estimation of her earnings from the television show. As a matter of fact, there is; however, it isn’t much. According to In Touch Weekly, before the 90 Days cast makes a paycheck of $500 to $1000 per episode.

Many of you might be thinking Hazel should make quite a lot from the television show from her appearance on the second season of that show. However, to our surprise, things don’t work like that; why? It’s because the number mentioned earlier is for only American members of the cast.

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Yup, you read it right. Because Hazel is a foreigner uprooting her life to come to the states, she doesn’t make anything at all as she has to wait for a work permit. But that’s for season 8, where the duo will appear again.

Does this mean Hazel won’t make a penny? Yes, as of now; however, this doesn’t mean she didn’t earn anything up until now. How? It’s because previously, in season 2, the crew alongside her lover went to her home town to shoot, and the work permit wasn’t a problem. Thus, she might have been paid a reasonable amount as salary.

90 Day Fiancé Star Hazel Cagalitan’s Boyfriend, Engagement, Husband

Talking about Hazel Cagalitan’s love-life, it’s clear to her fans; she is in a romantic relationship with Tarik Myers. The couple first met through an online platform. Surprisingly yes, the duo lived several miles away from each other and got to know one another via social media.

Hazel Cagalitan met her lover via online medium.
Cagalitan and Myers are engaged.
Photo Source: Daily Soap Dish

The connection between Hazel and her beau Tarik gradually grew with every single chat and video call they had, and when things turn out to be real, Tarik flew all the way to the Philippines to meet his sweetheart. The 90 Day Fiancé team filmed their first encounter at the airport.

In the beginning, things were a little awkward between Hazel and Tarik. They had intimacy and trust issues. Further, the pair was tested by their religious and cultural differences. Nevertheless, they faced every problem and made their love possible.

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After Tarik and Hazel got comfortable with each other, the duo became closer and even got engaged. They shared their rings before Tarik returned to America with a promise. That was back in 2018, and as of 2020, the couple will be seen again on the screen.

Hazel Cagalitan is mother to her son whereas Tarik has a daughter from his former relationship.
The 90 Day Fiancé cast Hazel is 28 years old.
Photo Source: The Hollywood Gossip

According to Screen Rant, Hazel was spotted for the first in the US in August, from which it’s assumed that the duo might soon walk down the aisle.

Both Hazel and Tarik Welcomed Kids from Their Previous Relationship

It’s no secret to 90 Day Fiancé fans, both Hazel and Tarik got kids from their former partner. You got that right. Both of them are raising their child, resulted from their previous relationship.

Hazel is mother to her son, whom she welcomed with her ex-boyfriend. Currently, he’s 9-year-old. Previously, she didn’t have custody of her baby boy, due to which much isn’t know about him.

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Talking about Tarik, he is father to his baby girl, Ariela. Like, Hazel, he welcomed his daughter with his ex. He lived alone with his daughter before meeting Hazel.

TLC Star Hazel Cagalitan Personal Details

Born in 1992, Hazel Cagalitan is currently 28-year-old. By nationality, the TLC star is a Filipino. Her parents raised her alongside her thirteen siblings. It came up on the screen that one of her sisters resides in Japan.

Sources claim that the 5 feet 5 inches beauty is supposedly a Protestant Christian; however, Hazel herself hasn’t revealed on this topic. Further, the same goes for her family details.

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