We’ve all heard the stories of entrepreneurs who went from turning a dime into a massive million dollar fortune. We’ve heard people getting lucked out yet succeeding due to their hard work and belief. Amongst many of those, today we’ll be talking about Flavio Briatore, an Italian man turned millionaire businessman. He started his career hustling as a restaurant manager, insurance agent and ended up becoming a Formula One race personality. Keep scrolling to know more about starting from his net worth, career to his personal life. 

Flavio Briatore Massive Net Worth Collection

Flavio Briatore is one of those businessmen who stands to be the inspiration of many youngsters out there. He’s known for his investments in various sectors and his never-ending pursue in business. Specifically speaking about his net worth, he stands proud at the ownership of $400 million as of 2020.

Flavio Briatore in a press conference
Flavio Briatore enjoys his net worth in millions.
Photo Source: Luxury London

The businessman was part owner/ chairman of Formula One racing team London’s Queens Park Rangers F.C. One of his most known accomplishment include being the managing director of the Formula One team, Benetton Formula Ltd. As much as his accomplishments are known to the world, he is also famous for the downfalls that have landed him in jail numerous times. He was accused of match-fixing and thus banned from FIA, his restaurant named Tribula went bankrupt, sentenced to 4 years prison for being involved in the bankruptcy of Paramatti, and many more.

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Besides these, the 70-year-old’s also the owner of lots of luxury amenities like houses, apartments, and many more. One of his high purchase was a Force Blue-Royal Denship-2002, a luxury yacht bought for $20 million in which he had to pay a hefty fine of $5 million after Italian police seized it for tax evasion. He was also sentenced to 23 months in prison at that time.

Flavio Briatore Past Relationships and Marriage

Speaking about his personal life, Flavio Briatore has quite several personal acquaintances over the years. Back in 1998, he got engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell. The couple was involved in an on and off relationship for over five years before they separated in 2003. Soon after, he was involved with another supermodel Heidi Klum, who got pregnant along with their relationship.

 Flavio Briatore wife and kid
Flavio Briatore with wife Elisabetta and son Nice.
Photo Source: Zimbio

However, that relationship also couldn’t work, and Klum began dating musician Seal. Briatore’s daughter Helene Boshoven Samuel was born in May 2004 in New York City and was adopted by Seal. Currently, Flavio is married to Wonderbra model Elisabetta Gregoraci, and the couple shares a kid named Nice. 

Flavio Briatore’s Journey From Salesman To Millionaire

Flavio Briatore ventured in his journey of making money by working as a ski instructor, door to door salesman, restaurant manager, and many odd jobs. He found his shining moment after getting a chance to work with Luciano Benetton, the Benetton clothing company founder. After being appointed as Benetton’s director of the American operation, he successfully managed to open more than 800 stores in the United States.

 Flavio Briatore was also an owner of a football team
Flavio Briatore was also a part-owner of Queens Park Rangers Football Club.
Photo Source: Planet F1

The Italian businessman then shifted to Benetton’s Formula One racing team, Renault F1, in 1990. He earned quite a lot from the company but was forced to resign due to his race-fixing involvement. He also created a chain of Billionaire Nightclub all over America, as well as Queen Park Rangers Football Club.

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