The showbiz industry is crooked when it comes to fame and glory. The relationships and marriages between television stars create a big deal in the whole industry and among their fans globally. The case is the same with ‘The Godson’ actor, Joey Buttafuoco‘s beloved wife, Evanka Franjko, who rose to fame with their marital bond. While the love story between them saw many ups and downs, it is a pleasant sight that the two are still together. So, let us get a close look on who Evanka Franjko is and her relationship with Joey.

Evanka Franjko’s Married Life with TV Star Joey Buttafuoco

Actor Joey Buttafuoco’s acting career and success are well-known to everyone. However, he was lucky to replicate similar luck in his personal life as well. Croatian diva Evanka Franjko and the showbiz star tied the knot way back on March 5, 2005, in front of close friends and family. As expected, the ‘False Reality’ actor managed a lavishing wedding ceremony on the day.

Evanka Franjko  in a white gown in her wedding with Joey Buttafuoco
Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco married in 2005. Source: The Ny Post

Franjko wore a lovely white gown and a crown on the best day of her life, while her husband Joey Buttafuoco wore a classy black suit.

Talking about their love story, Evanka Franjko first met her husband in Joey’s auto body shop. The diva entered the shop to repair her car, and then she struck a special connection with Buttafuoco. Eventually, they went on to date for a certain time before tying the knot in 2005.

Evanka Franjko’s Ex-Husband Is A Rapist

Everybody considered Evanka Franjko as a bold personality when she married Joey, looking at his crooked history. Initially, her husband used to be with his first wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco. However, while he was still married, he broke all the limits as he shared an extra-marital affair with a 17-year-old girl, Amy Fisher.

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Things took a drastic turn when the minor, Amy rushed into Joey’s residence and opened up about her infidelity since 1991. Later, she shot Mary on the right side of the face. With all the investigations that took place, Joey was charged on charges of statutory rape, sodomy, and endangering the welfare of life. Although he denied the allegations earlier on, Franjko’s beau accepted the charges later on. Thus, he went to serve jail for four months.

Evanka Franjko in black with her beau Joey Buttafuoco.
Evanka Franjko and Joey Buttafuoco almost got divorced in 2007. Source: Gossipgist

Following the bail-out, Joey’s ex-wife Mary Buttafuoco filed the divorce papers on February 3, 2003. Consequently, they parted ways, and after a few years, he met Franjko. After 16 years of the tragic incident, Mary wrote a book labeling Joey as a sociopath.

Evanka Franjko Almost Got Divorced With Buttafuoco

The marriage of Joey Buttafuoco with Evanka Franjko was supposed to be dramatic, considering the crooked past of the auto shop owner. In fact, he was someone who always fell in scandals and criminal charges. And, as expected, they went through numerous conflicts only within two years of their marriage.

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As the conflicts got big, Evanka Franjko couldn’t tolerate much as she filed for a divorce with Joey. Despite that, the love between them outdid the hate as the couple talked through things to make everything right. Thus, the Croatian withdrew her divorce papers on June 22, 2007. Following that, they have never had such big issues in their married life. Interestingly, they will celebrate their 15th marriage anniversary in 2020, and they couldn’t be happier.

Evanka Franjko in red dress poses with husband Joey Buttafuoco.
Evanka Franjko is the second wife of Joey Buttafuoco. Source: Flipboard

With over a decade together, it is a surprise that Franjko and Buttafuoco never welcomed any children. Only time will tell if they will ever decide to be parents or let things stand as they are. However, Franjko serves as a step-mother to Joey’s two children, Paul Buttafuoco and Jessica Buttafuoco from his first marriage,

Evanka Franjko’s Net Worth

The wife of Joey Buttafuoco, Evanka Franjko prefers to live a private life, far from all the media hype. That explains why she never told anyone what she does for a living. Therefore, there is no clue on how much she owns as her net worth.

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On the other hand, her husband, Joey Buttafuoco, is an owner of a auto body shop business. Besides, he also worked in acting in the 1980s and 1990s. Thus, he owns a staggering six-digit net worth of $100,000 as of 2020.

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