Kelly Tilghman is the perfect example of a dreamer, who pursued her passion and made it a profession. The former Golf Channel anchor created a legacy covering all the happenings in the sports field. Besides, she even made it to several news and controversies with criticism towards legend Tiger Woods. The wholesome talent is an empowered woman who became the first female lead golf announcer in the whole PGA tour.

Kelly Tilghman’s Career and Suspension at The Golf Channel

The 50-year-old former broadcaster, Kelly Tilghman, worked almost a decade with The Golf Channel. She embarked on her career with the network when she first began as a touring professional. Later, her roles changed as she collaborated with lead analyst Nick Faldo on the broadcast team.

Kelly Tilghman in a black coat poses while hosting a show.
Kelly Tilghman owns a net worth of $5 million as of May 2020. Source: Pinterest

The versatile diva went on to display her versatility in several roles, be it co-anchor for Golf Central or host of Sprint Post Game. Initially, she served as an on-course reporter for The Golf Channel before being the primary play-by-play announcer. Things took a big boost when Tilghman signed a 15-year deal in 2007 to become an anchor with the sports channel.

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Just a year after she signed a contract with the network, Kelly found herself in serious trouble. She made a joke alongside Nick Faldo on how younger players should gang up on Woods. The diva jokingly replied,’Lynch him in a back alley.’ which followed severe consequences. Although the diva apologized two days later, the network suspended her for two weeks as a result of her harsh comment. Many were disappointed of the suspension as they wanted the anchor to be fired instead.

Kelly decided to call it quits and leave The Golf Channel in 2018, after more than two decades. In an interview, she revealed how there are no regrets on her professional journey to date and hopes to return in the future.

Kelly Tilghman’s Net Worth Details

Tilghman spent 22 years at the network, which undoubtedly contributed big time to her net worth as well. Specifically, she amassed a staggering net worth of $5 million as of May 2020. During her tenure at The Golf Channel, which ended in 2018, she used to make a salary of $375,000 per annum.

Kelly Tilghman in a black top hosting the Golf Central show.
Kelly Tilghman ended her 22-year journey at The Golf Channel in 2018. Source: Golfweek USA Today

The charming sports host has a lot to show for her colossal bank balance. In fact, she owns a flashy mansion-like house in Windermere, Florida. She resides in the 4,493 square feet house, which comprises of five bedrooms and three bathrooms with her husband and children. As per the reports, Tilghman purchased the house for a whopping $1.4 million.

Is Kelly Tilghman Married?

Yes, the former Golf Channel announcer is a married woman. However, Kelly Tilghman always succeeded in keeping the name of her husband beyond the media reach. While her beau’s name is a secret, there is no doubt that Kelly is happy in her marriage. In fact, one of the major reasons behind her decision to leave The Golf Channel was to spend quality time with her family.

Kelly Tilghman interviewing Tiger Woods.
Kelly Tilghman was suspended in 2008 for making a comment on Tiger Woods in a joke. Source: Golf Digest

Tilghman and her secret husband became parents for the first time in 2012. Specifically, they welcomed a daughter named Ryan, and the former announcer couldn’t be happier. While Kelly decided to leave the broadcasting journey at a young age, only time will tell if she will return to the television industry again or not.

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Back in the days, there were rumors on how Tilghman was secretly married to fellow co-host Nick Faldo. However, the allegations seem very unlikely.

Kelly Tilghman’s Early Life

Kelly Tilghman was born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on August 6, 1969. She was born in an upper-class family, to father Phil Tilghman, a wealthy businessman and the mayor of North Myrtle Beach, and a working mother, Kathryn, who worked in sales. Luckily, her parents operated a golf course, which led her to learn more about the game and even played it since her childhood.

Kelly Tilghman in a black coat poses for a picture.
Kelly Tilghman used to be a professional golfer in the early 1990s. Source: Golfdigest

Tilghman has played professional golf since 1992 in several places like Australia, Europe, and Asia. Besides, she also worked as a teaching and a touring pro. Thanks to her talents, Kelly got a scholarship to play on Duke University’s women’s golf team. Interestingly, she won the 1990‘s Lady Paladin Invitational, hosted by Furman University during the tenure. Besides sports, the former anchor completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History.

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