Society has completely changed from a traditional patriarchal society to one where feminism is on the rise with empowered women. Unlike past times, when men used to earn big, there are equal roles in marriage these days. The case is the same for Ian Keasler, who rose to fame because of his marriage to Hollywood actress, Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Ian Keasler: Married Life with Shannon Lee

The celebrity husband, Ian Keasler, is lucky to be married to Shannon Lee, the crush of millions of people globally. He tied the knot with the ‘High Voltage’ actress way back on August 22, 1994. Lee, who happens to be an entrepreneur and a producer besides an actress, is the daughter of the renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee.

Ian Keasler in black at right poses with wife Shannon Lee.
Ian Keasler tied the knot with Shannon Lee on August 22, 1994. Source: Pinterest

Ian Keasler crossed paths with Lee for the first time in 1988 and shared a special vibe in an instant. Gradually, they fell in love and started dating. After a few years, the lovebirds made the big decision to get married. They enjoyed a lavish wedding ceremony with close friends and family.

In the initial years of their marriage, Shannon Lee and her husband, Ian Keasler, focused on their career. Only nine years after they exchanged the vows, the couple became parents for the first time. They welcomed their only child, a daughter, Wren Lee Keasler, in 2003. In 2020, Keasler celebrates his twenty-sixth marriage anniversary with Bruce Lee’s daughter, and he couldn’t be happier.

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In the showbiz industry where divorce is recurring, every celebrity couple should take inspiration from those, who have been blissfully together for this long.

Ian Keasler’s Career in Art

It is quite intriguing how Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, fell in love with Ian Keasler, who is not an actor like her. Shannon, who happens to be the producer of the 2019 TV show, ‘Warrior’ made a living out of the entertainment industry starting in the early 1990s. Moreover, she featured in movies like ‘Blade,’ ‘Enter the Eagles,’ and ‘Cage II.’

Ian Keasler in a black-white t-shirt poses for a picture.
Ian Keasler is a professional art designer. Source: Pinterest

Contrary to Lee, Ian Keasler isn’t connected with the entertainment industry directly. In fact, he is a professional art designer. Although there isn’t much data on his experience, he should have designed for several companies. Interestingly, he did work in a short drama called ‘No Horizon’ in 2013. The interplanetary movie saw Ian contribute with his talents in the art department.

Ian Keasler’s Net Worth

A career in art design must have contributed quite significantly to Ian Keasler’s bank balance. Since his life is private compared to his wife Shannon, the net worth figure of the celebrity spouse has not disclosed yet. He might earn around $47,121 per year, which is the average salary of an art designer.

Ian Keasler's wife as a baby with her father Bruce Lee.
Ian Keasler’s wife Shannon Lee is the daughter of Bruce Lee. Source: The Guardian

The primary source of all the riches in the Ian Keasler family is undoubtedly his actress wife, Shannon Lee. Specifically, the actress cum movie director amassed a staggering net worth of $10 million. The fortune figure is more than enough for the family to live a lavish lifestyle. Like her father, Shannon is also a martial artist and looks after her father’s firm, Bruce Lee Foundation.

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