Kids today’s got talent and opportunities to be successful at a very young age. Many made quite a fortune while still being in their teen. Of many, Eli Unique is one of the young guys who come under the radar. He is only 19-year-old but succeeded in accumulating a massive fan following through social media. He is active on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, sharing exciting content for his fans. Because many want to learn more about him, today’s article will be all about him. Thus, stay tuned till the end to know more about Eli Unique.

Eli Unique’s Net Worth as a Social Media Influencer

Before commenting on Eli Unique’s net worth, let us tell you how he earns his living. He generates them from his social accounts. Indeed, he makes his living as a social media influencer.

Eli Unique holds an impressive net worth of $700k as of 2020.
The 19-year-old Eli lives a lavish lifestyle.
Photo Source: Instagram

Currently, Eli has more than 750k followers on Instagram and over 254.8k followers on TikTok. Similarly, he managed to earn 507k subscribers on his YouTube channel. Thus, using the platform where he succeeded in getting a massive fan following, he generates quite a lot of greens from endorsement and affiliate marketing to spend.

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Honestly speaking, Eli hasn’t shared details linked with his fortune; however, his lavish lifestyle can be observed on his social content. Therefore, keeping that in mind, many reliable sites claimed he holds an impressive net worth of $700,000 as of 2020.

The Young YouTuber Eli’s Relationship Status. Is He Single or?

A young guy with a massive social influence who wouldn’t fall for Eli Unique? It will be naïve of us if we think he is single. So yes, he is in a romantic relationship.

Eli Unique is dating his beautiful girlfriend, Eisha Hickson.
Eli is dating is girlfriend Eisha Hickson.
Photo Source: Instagram

At the time we write about him, Eli, 19, is dating his beautiful girlfriend, Eisha Hickson. Like him, Eisha also got an enormous fan following on social platforms. In fact, more than him, she got millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok. And like, Eli, she frequently shares dance videos for her viewers.

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The duo is madly in love with one another, which reflects through their social posts. Further, there was even a rumor that Eli got himself into a fight with Eisha’s ex when her former lover began to show the creepy side of a stalker.

Eli Unique Personal Details

Eli Unique was born on November 17, 2001, in the United States. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 68 kg. Further, with an athletic physique, he has beautiful dark brown eyes and black hair.

Eli Unique was born on November 17, 2001, in the United States.
Eli Unique with hid gorgeous mother.
Photo Source: Instagram

Talking about his family, he has a beautiful mother, an elder brother, and a baby sister. They frequently make appearances on Ali’s Instagram posts. As a matter of fact, even his mom is active on Instagram, where she got 64.9k followers.

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