Darius Benson is a multi-talented entertainer who has gained recognition as an actor, comedian, YouTuber, and social media star. He rose to prominence through the now-obsolete video platform Vine, captivating audiences with his humorous and creative content.

Benson was born on June 17, 1993, under the Zodiac sign of Gemini. He hails from Memphis, Tennessee, known for its rich musical heritage and vibrant culture. With his charismatic personality and talent, he continues to entertain and engage his followers across various online platforms, making a name for himself in the digital entertainment industry.

Relationship Status: Benson Has A Girlfriend

Darius Benson is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jenna. While the details of their relationship and story remain undisclosed, Jenna is active on social media. Both Darius and Jenna express their affection for each other by sharing posts and pictures occasionally.

Jenna and Darius Benson are taking a selfie in the street.
Darius Benson’s girlfriend, Jenna (Source: Jenna Instagram @thebadjenn)

Benson and Jenna enjoy showcasing their love and support for one another, giving glimpses into their lives as a couple. Through their social media posts, these two love birds demonstrate their fondness and create a sense of connection with their followers, allowing them to be a part of their journey as a loving couple.

Net Worth Of Former Vine Star

Darius Benson has accumulated a net worth of $2 million (similar to Madilyn Grace Smith’s mother, net worth) through his various ventures. His primary sources of income include YouTube and social media platforms. He initially gained recognition and financial success through Vine, where he showcased his talent and comedic skills. Although the exact details of his annual salary are kept confidential, he continues to build his wealth through his online presence and collaborations.

With his engaging content and loyal fan base, Benson has been able to secure lucrative opportunities that contribute to his growing net worth. Despite keeping his earnings private, it is evident that his hard work and dedication have paid off, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable financial position.

About Benson’s Parents And Siblings

Benson has chosen to keep information about his parents undisclosed, but he has shared pictures of them on social media, giving his fans a glimpse into his family life. In addition to his parents, the former Vine star has a brother named Cameron Benson.

Darius Benson and his mother are taking a selfie in stairs.
Darius Benson with his mother (Source: Darius Benson Instagram @mrlegendarius)

Cameron also dabbled in making vines in the past, following in his brother’s footsteps. However, he did not achieve the same level of popularity as his brother did. Despite their different levels of fame, it is evident that the bond between the Benson siblings is strong. While he continues to captivate audiences with his talent and humor, his family remains a significant source of support and love in his life.

Education Background

Benson’s educational background reveals that he pursued a major in biomedical engineering in the past, as mentioned in an article from Business Insider, although the specific institution he attended remains to be known. It is also unclear whether he has completed his degree or if he is currently working in the field of biomedical engineering.

While Benson has showcased his talents as an entertainer and content creator, he has not publicly shared information regarding his professional career in the biomedical engineering field, if any. Whether he continues to pursue his passion in that area or has transitioned to focus solely on his creative endeavors remains a mystery. His educational background adds an intriguing layer to his versatile persona, leaving fans curious about the intersection of his academic pursuits and his current professional endeavors.

Benson’s Career Today

Darius Benson’s career has transitioned to YouTube after his success on Vine. He now runs a YouTube channel called “@dariusjbenson,” where he creates comedy skits for his audience to enjoy. One of his most popular series on the channel is titled “If a Rapper Covered a Police Chase,” which has garnered a significant amount of attention and praise.

However, it’s worth noting that, at the time of writing, Benson has been inactive on YouTube for more than a year. While he continues to maintain an active presence on other social media platforms, it remains unclear whether he will continue to make videos.

Benson Gained Fame As A Vine Star

Benson gained fame as a Vine star, establishing himself as one of the chosen 13 Viners representing Vine at the 2015 Vidconas mentioned in an article from Vine Fandom. He made his debut on the platform on May 12, 2013, with a Vine titled ‘Got Jokes.’ This marked the beginning of his journey into the world of short-form video content. One of his most popular Vine series showcased him portraying Frozone, a beloved character from the animated film “The Incredibles.”

Benson’s hilarious take on the role further solidified his online presence and garnered him a loyal following. He became widely recognized by his online moniker, ‘MrLegenDarius,’ which further contributed to his growing popularity as a Vine sensation. Though Vine is no longer active, his contribution and impact during its heyday remain memorable to many of his fans.

Has Two Furry Friends

Darius Benson is a proud pet owner and shares his love for animals through his Instagram account. He has two cats like Mollie Birney, and one of them goes by the name of Gaze. He often treats his followers to delightful glimpses of his feline companions by posting about them on Instagram from time to time.

Darius Benson and his two cats are sitting in stairs.
Darius Benson with his cats (Source: Darius Benson Instagram @mrlegendarius)

Whether it’s capturing adorable moments of playfulness or showcasing their unique personalities, Benson enjoys sharing his cats’ joy and charm with his online community. These posts not only allow his fans to witness the cuteness of Gaze and his furry companion but also highlight the special bond between Darius and his beloved pets.

Social Media Presence

Benson maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He can be found under the usernames @mrlegendarius, @MrLegenDarius, and @Darius Benson.

However, on Twitter, Benson tends to mostly retweet content from other users, showcasing his appreciation for their posts. On Facebook, he primarily shares memes, providing a lighthearted and humorous touch to his followers’ feeds.

Instagram offers a glimpse into Benson’s personal life, where he shares moments and updates with his audience. Through his social media presence, he connects with his fans, allowing them to get to know him better and creating a sense of community among his followers.

Has Talked About BLM In The Past

Darius Benson has expressed his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the past, particularly during the George Floyd case. He has made his stance clear by stating that he believes the police officers responsible for Floyd’s death should face legal consequences and be held accountable. He also acknowledges that the police system itself is structurally corrupt, recognizing the need for reform and justice.

It is a picture of George Floyd with his last words.
Darius Benson posting in support of BLM (Source: Darius Benson Instagram @mrlegendarius)

While Floyd supports the fight against racial injustice, he has also expressed his belief that looting and burning businesses is both immoral and counterproductive. He encourages peaceful methods of protest and advocates for positive change through dialogue, education, and peaceful demonstrations. By sharing his perspective on the BLM movement, the former Vine star contributes to the ongoing conversation surrounding racial equality and justice in society.

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