Suzy Berhow, an American animator and YouTuber, came into the limelight due to her marriage to voice actor Arin Hanson in October 2013.

Suzy Berhow’s Wiki/ Bio

Suzy Berhow was born on July 3, 1989, in Orlando, Florida, USA. She’s American and comes from a White-American background.

Family Background & Education

The talented artist Berhow, also known as Mortem3r is named Suzanne. She’s most recognized by her online persona, Mortem3r. When it comes to her family, Suzy has a total of five older siblings.

Moreover, the big name has an identical twin sister named Jean, who is 15 seconds older than her. Jean runs a YouTube channel called Jean Bug.

Meanwhile, the renowned name is the youngest of six children, with her other siblings being brothers named Matt, Charlie, and Joey, and a sister named Ginger.

Aside from this information, there isn’t much known about Suzy’s parents or other family details. On November 28, 2019, Suzy mentioned in a Thanksgiving post that it was her first holiday without her mom.


Regarding Berhow’s education, the only detail available is that she graduated from high school at a local school in Orlando.

Is Suzy Berhow Married? What Is Her Relationship Status?

The pretty lady Suzy is married to Arin Hanson. The love birds first met in 2006 at an anime convention in Orlando through a friend. They quickly became friends and decided to go on a date after chatting for a bit. Arin, who is also known as Egoraptor online, is famous for creating content.

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Suzy Berhow with her husband.

After dating for five years, Arin proposed to Suzy in 2011. They got married on October 24, 2013. They currently live together in Orlando with their three cats: Mochi, Mimi, and their newest addition, a kitten named Otto.

However, Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space actress Berhow and her husband mentioned that they’re not planning to have children as they’re focused on their careers in the online world. Their journey from meeting at a convention to getting married shows their strong bond, where their shared love for animals plays a big role in their life together.

Who Is Suzy Berhow’s Husband, Hanson?

Sequelitis star Arin is a well-known name in the animation and YouTube world. He’s got a lot of experience in 2D animation, having worked in the field for over 5 years and handling every part of the production process.

Similarly, the media star is famous for his involvement in various projects like “Sequelitis,” “Starbomb: Luigi’s Ballad,” and “Girlchan in Paradise!” He’s known for his creativity and humor, which has helped him succeed. Projects like “The Awesome Series” even got noticed on big platforms like MTV.

To add more, Hanson’s move to YouTube was marked by hosting shows like “Game Grumps” with Jon Jafari, which quickly became a hit and a regular feature on the platform.

Besides, he’s also tried his hand at voice acting, appearing in popular shows like “Rick and Morty,” “The Owl House,” and “Mighty Magiswords.”

How Is Suzy Berhow’s Professional Life?

The gorgeous woman Berhow has been active on YouTube since 2007, starting with her channel called Meeperfish. On this channel, she posted videos featuring cartoons and animated-themed content, often creating cartoon characters and providing voiceovers.

In 2012, Suzy launched another channel called Mortem3r, which primarily shares videos about makeup and fashion. Then, in 2015, she started her third channel, KittyKatGaming, which focuses on gaming content including do-it-yourself video games, makeup tutorials, and cosplay.

Besides, the lady also appeared in various video web series such as Game Grumps and Let’s Play. She guest-starred in ‘Gotta Poo’ alongside her husband Arin, Mimi, and Barry, and made her voiceover debut in ‘Pay Your Workers’. See another media star Moses Hacmon.

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Suzy Berhow is a YouTuber and voice artist.

In the internet series ‘Mario Party for Steam Rolled’, Berhow played as a gamer for the first time and became a regular player in the episodes, replacing Leigh Daniel Avidan. She also featured in two episodes of ‘Date Grumps in 2014, themed around ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo’.

In addition, the media star has also worked in Bee & Puppycat: Lazy in Space, Monster Prom: Second Term, Good Game, Red vs Blue, and Ninja Sex Party: 6969.

However, bedside being a media sensation, she runs a business named @psychiccircleoddities

Owns Three YouTube Channel

The 34-year-old Suzy has three YouTube channels right now. Her main one is “Mortem3r” where she shares makeup tutorials and fashion videos. Alongside these, she also posts other random videos.

Every month, the American personage reviews the “Birch Box” packages, including the men’s versions with Arin. Sometimes, her pet cats Mochi and Mimi join her in her videos.

Further, Berhow’s second channel is “Meeperfish.” Here, she creates cartoons with voice acting, mostly done by Arin. But she also gets voices from others like Jon, Ross, Danny, Oney, Jaxamoto, and El-Cid.

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Meanwhile, The Holodeck star made one of her own “Game Grumps Animated” and plans to do more, although the last one was back in March 2013. It seems she might have stopped making cartoons on this channel or put it on a break.

Then there’s her third channel, “KittyKatGaming“. It’s linked with Game Grumps and shows games she’s played, sometimes with a guest. She’s also known for helping out with Arin’s cartoons.

To add more, in May 2014, for Mental Health Awareness Month, Suzy made a video talking about mental illness. She shared that she’s Bipolar Manic depressive, which she’s had since she was about 14 years old.

How Much Net Worth Does Suzy Berhow Have In 2024?

As of the beginning of 2024, Suzanne ‘Suzy’ Berhow has earned more than $1 million. She made this money from acting, YouTubing, and working on various projects, including collaborations.

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Suzy Berhow is a millionaire.

Similarly, the media personality’s YouTube channel, where she talks about gaming and lifestyle, helps bring in money. She’s also good at acting, which adds to her earnings.

Moreover, Suzy’s partnerships and business ventures have boosted her success. With her interests and hard work, the lady’s become an entrepreneur, entertainer, and creator, earning money throughout her impressive career journey.

Social Media Presence

Berhow started using Twitter in January 2009. More than 350000 people are following her on her account @Mort3mer.

On Instagram, she goes by @mortemer and has about 351 thousand followers. People have shared her posts over 4,476 times.

Suzy has two YouTube channels. She made her first one, “Mortem3r,” on April 28, 2012. Right now, it has over 276,000 subscribers and has been viewed more than 24 million times.

Likewise, as mentioned her second channel, “KittyKatGaming,” was created on July 23, 2014. It has even more views—over 43 million—and 207 thousand subscribers.

She also has another channel called “Meeperfish,” but she hasn’t posted anything there for over seven years.

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