You might’ve heard of Damian Lillard as the top shot American professional basketball player who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He’s a proud winner of the NBA Rookie of the Year award and is one of the two players in Blazer’s history to become a five-time All-Star player. So, follow the article to know more about the athlete’s personal details like net worth collection, girlfriend, and many more.

Damian Lillard Whopping Net Worth Collection

Usually, we’ve heard that NBA players have a whopping net worth of millions, but how much of it is exactly true? How much do they really earn? Well, let us solve your query by saying that Damian Lillard, the NBA player makes a staggering annual base salary of $29,802,321 as of 2020.

Damian Lillard has a net worth collection of $40 million
Damian Lillard’s garnered major of his wealth after getting signed up with the Trail Blazers. Photo Source: Essentially Sports

According to Forbes, the basketball player’s annual salary has led him to enjoy a net worth collection of $41 million as of now. In addition to that, he’s also on a five year deal with The Trail Blazers worth a massive $140 million which is also expected to grow up to $190 million in the future.

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Major of Lillard’s net worth collection comes from his salary as a professional player, besides that he also earns a huge deal as a part of his endorsement deals and sponsorships. Some of the brands he’s associated with are Adidas, which is worth $100 million for 10 years, Powerade, Foot Locker, Panini, Spalding, and many more.

Damian Lillard’s Professional Basketball Career Highlights

Damian Lillard achieved great height in his career after he was drafted by The Portland Blazers back in 2012 out of the Weber State as the sixth pick in the first round. Ever since then, he’s shown his true talent in the court by achieving a major number of awards and recognition under his name.

Damian Lillard is a professional Basketball player
Damian Lillard is popularly known to play for the Portland Trail Blazers. Photo Source: Blazers Edge

Some of his accolades and highlights are Big Sky Freshman of the Year, Big Sky Player of the Year, NBA Rookie of the Year, NBA All-Star, NBA All-Rookie First Team, and many more. Before the worldwide COVID-19 situation, Damian was at the top of his game scoring an average of 28.9 points per game in the season.

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Before that in early 2020, he wasn’t able to participate on 6 games from Feb 21 to March 02 due to an injured groin. He was also selected for the NBA 2K21, which is a popular basketball simulation video game.

Is Damian Lillard Married? Any Girlfriend or Children

As for Damian Lillard’s personal life, he is happily engaged to his college girlfriend Kay’La Hanson. The adorable couple has been together ever since they attended Weber State College. Not only that they also share a child together named Damian, Jr. born on March 29, 2018.

 Damian Lillard and his family Kay’La Hanson
Damian Lillard, his wife Kay’La Hanson and son Damian Jr. Photo Source: Oregon Live

Even after the baby arrived there weren’t any talks of getting things official, to which Lillard surprised everybody when he proposed his girlfriend during NBA All-Star Weekend in February 2020. He pulled the ring in front of his celebrity friends like rapper Common, Evan Turner, Tim Frazier, and many more. It looks like the wedding is postponed due to the coronavirus situation for now.

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