Professionally, Alix Bailey is an actress and a painter. Her work is pretty familiar to many people. However, besides her successful works, she is renowned for her marriage with her ex-husband, Louis C.K. He is a comedian who has garnered tons of attention from his works. Unfortunately, his career began to fade away after he was accused of sexual misconduct. Luckily, she ended their relationship with a divorce and now rejoices her life as her two daughters’ single mother.

Alix Bailey’s Wiki and Bio

Alix Bailey was born in 1967 in Washington, D.C., and grew up in New Haven, Connecticut. Her father and mother hail from Italy. Both of her parents were into the arts, so it was natural for her to develop a passion for paintings.

Alix Bailey was born in 1967 in Washington, D.C., and grew up in New Haven, Connecticut.
Alix Bailey with his ex-husband, Louis.
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Bailey attended Bennington College after she completed her high school. During her time there, she studied alongside legendary American artist and painter Pat Adams and Sidney Tillim, as noted by Answer Africa. Further, she graduated with a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University.

Alix Bailey’s Relationship Status: Husband, Marriage, Children, and Divorce

Alix Bailey and her ex-husband, Louis C.K., dated for a long time before making any serious decisions. They first encountered at a New Year’s Eve party in Boston. Back then, both of them were only 18-years-old. Sources claimed, in that party, Louis was drunk and proposed her within five minutes after they met; obviously, she did nothing besides laughing at that time.

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The former lovers again met after fifteen years; they first saw each other, this time through their mutual friends. Like their first meeting, Louis proposed Alix, but unlike the previous one, she said yes and began their relationship.

Alix Bailey co-parent her two daughters with her former lover.
Alix Bailey’s ex-husband with their children.
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After knowing taking some time knowing each other, they finally tied the knot in 1995. The former couple was having a great time; however, it only lasted for thirteen years, and in 2008, they broke up their marriage.

Bailey was with her former lover at the time when he was a struggling actor until he came to the spotlight.

According to Top Cultured, the ex-pair co-parent two babies, both daughters. They gave birth to their first baby girl, Kitty Szekely, in 2002, and they welcomed their second baby girl, Mary Louise, in 2005.

Net Worth and Career History of Alix Bailey

Speaking of Alix Bailey’s financial status, she has an estimated net worth of $25 million, as noted by Affair Post. She made her fortune from years of hardwork as an artist. Besides her paintings, she also collected a small portion of her wealth as an actress.

As an actress, Bailey has played in different cinematic projects, including Tomorrow NightSearching for NixonPootie Tang, and Spooky Stakeout.

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Bailey is a non-profit arts organization member named The Painting Centre, which is situated in Chelsea, New York.

Speaking of Alix Bailey’s financial status, she has an estimated net worth of $25 million.
Alix Bailey with her paintings.
Photo Source: The Studio Visit

Despite their love life ended, the former husband and wife do see one another as a friend. After separating for eight years, they bought a $564,900 worth apartment in Greenwich Village, New York, together in 2016. Similarly, some reports claim they co-own three other apartments in the same building.

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