Ted Koppel (born as Edward James Martin Koppel) is a British-born American broadcast journalist who is best known for serving as the anchor of Nightline from 1980 to 2005. He worked for ABC for 20 years as a broadcast journalist and news anchor before joining Nightline. Ted was recognized as one of the most outstanding serious-minded interviewers on American television after becoming the host of Nightline.

Besides his professional life, Edward is also a married man. The beautiful whom he loved is Grace Anne Dorney. Many people know about his professional life, but few people know about his married life. So, we are here to give information about Ted and Grace’s love life.

Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney’s Love Life

Ted Koppel is a 79-year-old journalist who is currently married to Grace Anne Dorney. Grace is a former actress. The love bird tied a knot on May 17, 1963. Similarly, their wedding was held secretly among their close friends and relatives. So, there are no more details of their wedding. The couple might date each other before they exchanged their vows.

Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney are living a happy life.
Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney are married couples.
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Their marriage has lasted 58years, and they are still happily married to their children and grandchildren. Not to say, even in their old age, senior adults are completely in love. Grace surprised him with a motorcycle for his 60th birthday.

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Ted Koppel and Grace are spending quality time with their children. During their marriage, the duo never gets into controversy. The love bird has taken care of each other to date. Both of them were far away from social media. So, we haven’t found any Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney’s Children

Not only are they parents, but they are also grandparents. Deirdre Koppel, Andrea Koppel, and Tara Koppel are the names of their three daughters from their marriage. On November 27, 1963, Andrea was a communications strategist and a former television journalist. She worked for CNN as a congressional correspondent. From 1998 through March 2006, she was the network’s State Department correspondent.

Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney are parents of three children.
Ted Koppel and Grace Anne Dorney’s daughter, Andrew Koppel.
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Kenneth Pollack, an intelligence and Middle East analyst, is Andrea’s husband. The elderly couple, along with their three daughters and three grandkids, lives happily in Maryland for the time being. In addition, Andrew Koppel, the couple’s son, was found dead in his Washington Heights residence in 2010. According to the New York Post, he was on a drinking binge the day before his death with a strange individual he had just met.

After a day of heavy drinking and bar hopping, Andrew was escorted inside the apartment by Wimberly and Belinda Cuban, who also lived there. “He was simply pretty messed up when he came in,” they said when questioned. He was really drunk. Nothing [Koppel] stated made sense to me. We took him to the bedroom and laid him down to rest.” After a few hours, they saw he wasn’t breathing and was unusually pale.

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