All To Know About Samantha Rotunda’s Bio

Samantha Rotunda is known throughout as the lucky wife of Bray Wyatt, as for details about her, she was born as Samantha C. Krieger in the beautiful city of the United States of America. The American lady belongs from a white background in terms of her ethnicity.

Samantha Rotunda and her ex Bray Wyatt
Samantha Rotunda and her ex-partner Bray Wyatt.
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Rotunda was born to her parents, Curt Krieger and Patricia Krieger, in 1986. Her mother formerly worked in a veterans administration hospital, and her father was a service manager at Casa Marina Key West. As for Samantha herself, she’s made a successful name for herself as an established real estate agent. She graduated from Troy University, located in Alabama, USA. However, any other details of her educational background and family details as missing as of now.

Samantha Rotunda Married Life, Relationship and Children

To date, many know Samantha Rotunda as the wife of professional wrestler Bray Wyatt, which is why the media sought her out in the first place. The couple’s history dates back to their early college days, and even though there aren’t exact dates on the matter, they’re known to have had a strong relationship since their first day together.

Samantha-Rotunda is the ex-wife of Bray Wyatt
Samantha Rotunda with her ex-husband and kids.
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The married couple was together in all of their thick and thins, even when Wyatt dropped out from college to follow his wrestling career. After pursuing each other for a couple of years, they made things official with a wedding ring in 2012.

Their wedding bond’s led them to have two adorable children, Kendyl Wyatt, born in 2011, and Cadyn, born in 2013. But sadly the parents-of-two parted ways in 2017 after Bray was accused of cheating with a woman named Jojo Offerman.

What About Samantha Rotunda’s Net Worth?

Samantha Rotunda makes quite a handsome amount for herself as a real estate agent even though she’s yet to share any information about the matter in the media. As for her ex-husband, he enjoys a staggering net worth of $850,000 as of 2022, and his annual salary in 2018 was $1 million. 

During the divorce, Samantha demanded $14,000 per month as child support as well as the custody of her two kids. After a lot of arguments and negotiation, they finally settled for $6,000 per month. Now she’s moved to Tampa, Florida, with her children to get away from the media and start a new life.

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