Paul Reubens, an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer who is best known for playing the role, Pee-wee Herman. He was born Paul Rubenfeld in Peekskill on August 27, 1952. With his successful career history in the entertainment biz, the veteran actor has earned quite fame. And today, we will share everything the internet has on him in this article.

Paul Reubens’s Net Worth and Career History

As per Celebrity Net WorthPaul Reubens holds an outstanding net worth of $5 million. Indeed, he’s a millionaire, and credit goes to his fruitful career as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

Talking about Reubens’s career history, it’s all started with him performing at local comedy clubs back in the 1970s. Gradually, he began to make some noise in the entertainment industry, and the veteran also started appearing in various shows and movies. He played several short and supporting roles in his early days.

Paul Reubens holds an outstanding net worth of $5 million.
The veteran actor Reubens is a millionaire.
Photo Source: CBS

Soon after, Reubens became part of the Los Angeles–based improvisational comedy team called The Groundlings. He honed his skills there for six years while working with Bob McClurgJohn ParagonSusan Barnes, and Phil Hartman. During his time there, he became a good friend with Hartman, and the duo often wrote and worked on material together.

While doing an improvisation exercise with The Groundlings’ team, Reubens developed the character, Pee-wee Herman. Fellow Groundling Hartman and Paragon, later on, helped him to develop the character.

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After a few years, Reubens planned to start his own show Pee-wee Herman. With the help of Paragon, Hartman, and Lynee Marie Stewart, he took his show to The Roxy Theatre, and it ran for five sellout months.

Paul Reubens became part of the Los Angeles–based improvisational comedy team called The Groundlings.
Reubens is renowned for his character Pee-wee Herman.
Photo Source: YouTube

Slowly, Reubens’s show garnered massive fan followings and helped him make a breakthrough in his career. As he and his character, Pee-wee Herman, rose to prominence, the 68-year-old actor began to get contracts for various dramas. One of them was his first project with Warner Bros. He was hired to write a full-length Pee-wee Herman film.

Paul Reubens’s Relationship Status: Married or Single

Before sharing anything on Paul Reubens’s love-life, let us break it down that he isn’t gay. Why did we mention this? Well, many questions about his sexuality. It’s all because he stays low when things come to his personal life.

As mentioned by Hollywood Mask, Reubens once shared the details with the media. As per the records, he tied the knot with Chandi Heffner in 1989. His wife is the adopted daughter of the late heiress, Doris Duke.

Before sharing anything on Paul Reubens’s love-life, let us break it down that he isn’t gay.
Reubens was previously married to his ex, Chandi Heffner.
Photo Source: Phoenix New Times

Later on, again, in some interviews, Reubens admitted that he dated American actress and TV personality Debi Mazar from 1993, proving that his marriage with his first wife didn’t survive.

During that sit-down, Reubens also pointed that Mazar’s love helped him overcome the heartbreaks from his arrests. Sadly, his love story with Mazar tasted the same fate, and they parted their ways. After separating from Reubens, she married Gabriele Corcos in 2002.

If we talk about Reubens current relationship status, then it’s safe to say he is single. Why? Because there is no evidence linked with his lover.

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