Patricia Lofton is well-known because she’s Oprah Winfrey’s half-sister. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was adopted when she was a baby.

Patricia Lofton’s Early Life

Patricia Lofton was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 26, 1963, but she was adopted as a baby and grew up in foster homes. Even though she was adopted, she always wished to find her biological family. Patricia was put up for adoption back in 1963 and spent her early years bouncing between foster homes until she got adopted.

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Patricia Lofton with her half-sister Oprah Winfrey. Image Source: The US Sun

Later on, the media star found out that her biological mom was Vernita Lee, who happened to be Oprah Winfrey‘s mom too. The Hollywood star did a DNA test that confirmed they were indeed half-sisters, and since then, Oprah’s been helping Patricia out with money.

Oprah and Patricia: A Bond Beyond Blood

Back in 2011, The Butler star Winfrey revealed on her talk show that she had a half-sister named Patricia. Since then, they’ve become close. She has been a big support to Patricia, helping her go to college for social work, even buying her a house, and helping with money for her studies. Patricia graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2017 and now works as a social worker.

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Patricia Lofton has blood relationship with Oprah Winfrey.

It hasn’t been easy for the star sister. She’s had to deal with the sadness of losing family members she never got to meet, like her half-siblings Jeffrey Lee and Patricia Lee Lloyd, and her mom, Vernita.

Though even with all that, Lofton stayed down-to-earth and focused on her own life. She tries to respect Oprah’s privacy while dealing with all the new attention from the public.

Oprah’s Michael Jackson Interview: Accusations Resurface

The 69-year-old Winfrey is a strong supporter of people who’ve gone through sexual assault. In her new show on Apple TV+, called The Me You Can’t See, she shared about being raped by an older cousin when she was a kid. This news came after she previously talked about facing abuse in an interview with People Magazine.

In the same show, Lady Gaga revealed she went through tough times during a tour because of trauma from a rape she experienced before.

MeToo brought attention to how common sexual assault and harassment are at work. Oprah herself dealt with a boss who bullied her while she worked at a TV station in Baltimore. She didn’t speak up because she was afraid it would ruin her career in TV.

In addition, Oprah interviewed Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse. This interview happened 26 years after Oprah talked to Jackson live on TV. Jackson denied the claims, and the case was settled for a lot of money.

Is Patricia Lofton Married?

The gorgeous Patricia, Oprah’s sister, isn’t married. She stays away from public attention to respect Oprah’s privacy. Right now, there’s no news about her being married or in any relationships.

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Patricia Lofton’s sister Oprah with her partner Stedman Graham. Image Source: ELLE

On the other side, The Oprah Winfrey Show star Winfrey, in an interview with Vogue, talked about why she and her partner, Stedman Graham, never tied the knot. She said they didn’t think they’d stay as happy if they had gotten married because being married changes things, and they preferred their way of being together without marriage.

What Does Patricia Lofton Do For Living?

The star sibling Lofton has kept her personal and professional life under the shadow which is why there is no details regarding her career.

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Patricia Lofton with her mother and sister. Image Source: The Us Sun

Coming to her superstar sister, Oprah is a huge deal in the media world. She was born in 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi, but moved to Milwaukee when she was six. She became famous for lots of things: being a newsreader, hosting talk shows, acting, writing books, and owning media stuff.

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Moreover, the renowned personage’s done things no one else has, like getting nominated for an Oscar (1986) for acting in The Color Purple and becoming the first black woman billionaire.

In 1984, the TV star started a talk show in Chicago that became super popular. Then she made it a national show and got that Oscar nomination for The Color Purple. People loved how she focused on “regular folks,” and her show became a big hit.

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In addition, Winfrey’s done a ton more amazing stuff: interviewing Michael Jackson in front of millions, winning court cases, starting her magazine, winning awards, and interviewing big names like Barack Obama.

In 2011, she launched her TV network, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), and her show later ended. She even got a big medal from President Obama in 2013.

Besides, Oprah’s not just about TV. She owns her studio, Harpo, and helped launch shows like “Dr. Phil” and “Dr. Oz.” She started O Magazine and invested in networks like Oxygen. She even has her own line of food and worked with Weight Watchers.

To add more, the household name “Oprah’s Book Club” on TV was a hit, making big changes in the book world. Time magazine said it’s super influential and changes which books sell a lot. Her life shows how hard work and big dreams can make amazing things happen. She’s a real inspiration to everyone!

How Rich Is Patricia Lofton?

The 60-year-old Lofton’s got about $500,000, mainly thanks to her connection with her half-sister, Winfrey.

Back in 2014, A Wrinkle In Time star did some big things for Patricia. She bought her a house in Wisconsin worth $500,000, gave her some cash so she could stop working, and even paid for her to go to the University of Wisconsin. After Patricia graduated with a social work degree, Oprah supported her financially.

Now, the TV star Oprah is rolling in cash. She’s worth around $2.8 billion and is one of the richest women worldwide. A lot of her money comes from smart real estate investments. She has properties in places like California, Hawaii, and Colorado.

Besides, the big name’s mansion in Montecito, California, is huge—around 23,000 square feet—and it’s worth about $90 million. She also owns a fancy ski spot in Telluride, Colorado, for about $14 million.

Patricia Lofton’s Social Media Presence

Patricia seems to be a private person which is why she is not available on major social media platforms including Instgaram, Facebook, or Twitter.

On the contrary, the TV star, Oprah has amassed over 22.9 million followers with the username @oprah. She is available on Twitter with the username @Oprah with over 41.9 million.

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