Jonah Patitz is the son of the famous model Tatjana Patitz. He was born in California in 2004 and is 18 years old. Tatjana Patitz is his mom, and his dad is Jason Randall Johnson.

Jonah Patitz’s Early Life

Jonah Patitz is the famous son of Tatjana Patitz, the supermodel. Born in California on November 2, 2003, he’s now 20. His mother is Tatjana, and his father is Jason Johnson. He has an aunt named Sophie Patitz.

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Jonah Patitz is currently 20 years old. Image Source: Instagram@tatjanapatitz

Moreover, the celebrity kid went to a private school in California and now he’s at a fancy college for his studies. He got the modeling genes from his mom and has even been in ads and photo shoots with her.

What Is Jonah Patitz’s Relationship Status?

The celebrity son Jonah seems to be a private person. There is no information about his current relationship status.

Moreover, Patitz is not active on social media including Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter which is why his dating life remains disclosed.

Mother-Son Relationship

In a chat with Mercedes-AMG’s 63Magazine in 2019, the Rising Sun actress shared how much joy her son brought her, calling him her “happiness booster.”

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Jonah Patitz with his mother, Tatjana Patitz. Image Source: The US Sun

The late supermodel said, “My son is my source of happiness in life. My friends, my animals, and nature give me balance and satisfaction – the feeling of being connected… I would like to send an empathetic person with a big heart out into the world.”

Similarly, Jonah decided to try out modeling just like his mom. They even did a photoshoot together for Vogue at their ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley.

Is Interested In Modelling

The 20-year-old Jonah got his mom’s talent for modeling and often appears in ads and photoshoots with her. He’s an artist too, loving painting, and his mom used to share his art on Instagram.

Since the celebrity son was young, Patitz’s been into modeling. He’s been in many photo shoots with his mom, even for Vogue magazine in 2012 and 2019. He also starred in that awesome George Michael music video “Freedom ’90”.

When he’s not busy with modeling or painting, the star kid enjoys riding horses. Just like his mom, he’s a big fan of pets.

About Jonah Patitz’s Parents’s Married Life

The stunning woman Tatjana, a super famous model from the 1980s and 90s, was married to Jonah’s father Johnson for six years. They had a son named Jonah in 2004, and Ready To Wear model Tatjana was always really close to him.

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Jonah Patitz’s parents were married for six years. Image Source: The US Sun

But, the former pair’s marriage ended in 2009, and nobody knows why they split. Some rumors say Tatjana was connected with Pierce Brosnan and Nick Kamen before. However such rumors never seem to be confirmed.

Who Was Tatjana Patitz?

The beautiful Patitz was a famous German model in the 1980s and 1990s. You might remember her from George Michael’s cool music video “Freedom! ’90” where she was one of the five supermodels. She worked a lot with photographers like Herb Ritts and Peter Lindbergh, standing out for her unique look and big range of emotions.

When the media star was young, Tatjana was into horses and cared a lot about animals and nature. She was born in Hamburg, Germany, but grew up in Skanör, Sweden.

In addition, the renowned personage’s modeling journey started when she was just 17, winning a contest organized by Elite Model Agency. Lindbergh noticed her and took her to a photo shoot in California for US Vogue, thanks to Anna Wintour.

Moreover, the Restraining Order actress became super famous in 1988 and was seen on more than 200 magazine covers. She liked doing photo shoots and ads more than big fashion shows. At one show for Chanel, she walked like a powerful leopard among other models. She also appeared in Korn: Make Me Bad.

Remember that music video “Freedom! ’90” by George Michael? Yep, she was in that too! The editor of Vogue said Tatjana was one of her favorite models.

After some time, the household name moved to Los Angeles to try acting, but it didn’t work out. She bought a ranch in Malibu and did some decorating work. Later on, she spoke up about beauty and aging, becoming a face for L’Oréal’s Age Perfect cosmetics.

His Mother Was A Pet Lover

The  Make Me Bad star Tatjana was a big supporter of animal rights. She joined campaigns for PETA and pledged to never wear fur, joining other models in the “Models of Compassion” petition.

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Jonah Patitz and his mother are pet lover. Image Source: Instagram@tatjanapatitz

Likewise, the household name was also crazy about horses. If you want to honor her, you can donate to Return to Freedom, a group that protects wild horses.

Tatjana Patitz’s Movies & TV Shows

The media sensation kicked off her movie and TV career in 1983 as a finalist in the Elite Models’ Look competition. She also had roles in different movies and TV shows, like the long Unrated 165-minute Documentary about Michael’s music videos.

Later on, Patitz’s impact in movies and TV got a boost with Apple TV+ releasing The Super Models, a series about iconic supermodels. She starred in Restraining Order, The Single Guy, and The Larry Sanders Show.

How Did Jonah Patitz’s Mother Die?

Tatjana passed away at 56 years old after fighting breast cancer on January 11, 2023. Her agent, Corinne Nichols, confirmed this sad news to CNN. She was a big deal in the fashion world, gracing the covers of Vogue and Elle. Isabel Concetta Tucci‘s mother also died of breast cancer.

Meanwhile, Anna Wintour, a top boss at Vogue, shared kind words about Tatjana, calling her “the European symbol of chic.” People loved her for her strong presence and amazing eyes, and her fashion friends will miss her dearly.

Patitz’s time in movies and TV sadly ended when she passed away because of complications from breast cancer in early 2023. She leaves behind a legacy filled with beauty, strength, and determination that will keep inspiring generations in the future.

Net Worth Collection

The Ready To Wear model Patitz, the original supermodel, was super famous back in the day, and her money in 2023 showed just how successful she was. When she passed away, her net worth was said to be around $14 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Most of her money came from her modeling and acting gigs. She was smart with her cash too, owning a cool ranch home in Santa Ynez Valley. Vogue even featured her ranch in their magazines twice, in 2012 and 2019.

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