Paige Wyatt’s Net Worth As of 2022

Paige Wyatt gained her fame through her appearance on the show “American Guns.” Despite having the sales associate’s role, she acted the part so passionately that it became the path to her success.

Paige Wyatt is a millionaire.
The former reality show star Paige is a millionaire.
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Although the show has been cancelled for some reason, Paige never gave up her interest in guns, and she even got her own gun collection. According to sources, Paige’s net worth is expected to be $1 million as of 2022. Indeed, she’s a millionaire.

Talking about her income source, besides her family inheritance, Paige owns a company that deals in men’s T-shirts and women’s tanks through Hughwear. Along with this, she sells up autographed pictures and puts sales of her merchandise through her website.

Who Is Paige Wyatt’s Relationship Status?

With the millions of her fans present worldwide, the question regarding Paige’s love life is an interesting topic to many. Her fans want to know whether she is in a relationship or not? So, here’s the answer, she’s married.

Paige Wyatt gained her fame through her appearance from the show “American Guns.”
American Guns cast Paige is married.
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Yes, Paige shared vows with her long-term boyfriend, Pete Hargis. They walked down the aisle on May 9, 2019. Her lover is the A2Z Sports Training organizer.

The love birds first crossed paths in Vegas at OMNIA Nightclub. After knowing a little about each other, they began to date; however, they parted ways as Paige had to go to Boston. Later on, the duo reunited after some text via mobile phones, and in April 2015, they shared engagement rings.

Paige Wyatt’s Personal Information

Paige Wyatt was born on October 30, 1994, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She was formerly named Paige Grewcock as her mother, Reene Wyatt, welcomed her with her former husband, Charles Grewcock. However, after her parents divorced and her mother tied the knot with her step-father, Rich Wyatt, her last name was changed.

Paige Wyatt was born on October 30, 1994, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
Paige is 26-year-old as of now.
Photo Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Wyatt has a brother named Kurt Grewcock, born from her mother Reene’s previous relationship with their biological father. She was raised along with her brother in Wheat Ridge. Regarding her educational background, Paige passed high school at a local high school in 2011 and went to college intending to become a teacher.

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