Olivia Namath, the daughter of Joe Namath, follows in the footsteps of her father. Joe is a former professional American football player who played as a quarterback in both the American Football League and the National Football League. He is recognized for his remarkable career with the New York Jets.

Olivia was born on December 11th, 1990, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Her mother’s name is Deborah Lynne Mays, and she has a sister named Jessica Namath. Growing up in a family of athletes, she has been surrounded by a strong support system.

Olivia Is A Married Woman

Olivia Namath is happily married to Edwin Baker III. They tied the knot in June 2014, marking the beginning of their journey as life partners. Edwin, who hails from South Miami, Florida, is a talented artist with a diverse range of skills. Not only does he excel in painting, but he also showcases his artistic talents through designs in clothes and shoes.

Edwin Baker III. Guaynna, and Dana Andrews are standing next to each other for the picture.
Edwin Baker III (left) with Guaynaa and Dana Andrews (Source: Edwin Baker III Instagram @eb3_art_design)

Edwin’s creativity has been recognized and celebrated in various settings, including his work at the Coral Springs Museum and numerous exhibitions. Olivia takes great pride in her husband’s artistic achievements and supports him wholeheartedly in his creative pursuits.

Net Worth Of Joe Namath’s Daughter

Olivia Namath’s net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. While her financial status may not be as widely known, she prefers to keep her work and income sources private. She values her privacy and chooses to focus on her personal life and interests rather than publicizing her financial affairs.

Olivia’s father, Joe Namath has amassed a remarkable net worth of $25 million throughout his career. The primary source of his income comes from his illustrious football career. Notably, when he started his professional journey with the New York Jets, he signed a rookie contract worth $427,000 spread over three years. Over the years, his talent and charisma led him to secure lucrative deals, including a significant two-year contract with the Jets in 1975, valued at $900,000.

Has A Daughter

Olivia Namath is a proud mother to her daughter, Natalia Baker, who was born in August 2007. Natalia’s father is Edwin Baker III. It’s worth noting that she was born before her parents walked down the aisle. She was just 16 years old when she became a mother to her daughter, and this early start to parenthood has shaped her journey in many ways.

Edwin Baker III is carrying Natalia Baker in the picture.
Edwin Baker III with his daughter, Natalia Baker (Source: BUZZ TV Network)

Despite her family’s public profile, Olivia values her daughter’s privacy and chooses to keep Natalia away from the media spotlight. She leads a life away from public scrutiny, allowing her to enjoy a normal childhood outside of the public eye. She cherishes her role as a mother and focuses on providing a nurturing and supportive environment for her growth and development.

Has Previously Been Arrested

In 2010, Olivia found herself in a challenging situation when she was arrested in West Palm Beach. The incident occurred when she was pulled over by the police for speeding. During the routine check, law enforcement officers discovered an open bottle of rum and marijuana inside her car. As they proceeded to search the vehicle, they made a significant discovery – half a pound of weed.

Olivia was just 19 years old at the time and was driving a silver, Mercedes. The arrest brought about serious legal consequences and highlighted the importance of making responsible choices. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to the law and making wise decisions to avoid potentially harmful situations. CBS News has mentioned in their article that she was released on a $3,000 bond.

Olivia Has An Older Sister

Olivia Namath is not the only sibling in the family; she has a sister named Jessica Grace Namath. Jessica was born on October 12th, 1985, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Similar to her, Jessica leads a relatively quiet life, preferring to keep her matters private.

Jessica Grace Namath is playing with her dog in the picture.
Olivia Namath’s sister, Jessica Grace Namath (Source: ABC News YouTube Channel)

Jessica was previously married to Brian Kennedy, and together they have two children. Their son, John, and daughter, Jemma, bring joy and fulfillment to her life. Unfortunately, her divorce from Brian was a messy affair, and it even involved legal disputes over finances in which Olivia’s father, Joe Namath, became involved as Brain demanded his financial records as mentioned in an article from Daily Mail.

Despite these challenges, Jessica remains resilient and focused on raising her children with love and care, shielding them from the complexities of the outside world. The bond between Olivia and Jessica strengthens as they support and lean on each other through life’s ups and downs.

Olivia’s Parents Are No Longer Together

Olivia’s parents, Joe Namath and Deborah Mays are no longer together. They were married from November 7, 1984, until June 28, 1999. Unfortunately, their marriage faced a challenging period when it was revealed that her mother had been unfaithful. In 1998, he discovered that his then-wife was engaged in an affair with Brian Novack, a penile plastic surgeon. Joe hasn’t married since but has dated a few women like Kim Basinger.

This revelation undoubtedly caused immense strain and heartache within Joe and Deborah’s relationship. Infidelity can be a deeply painful experience, and it ultimately led to the dissolution of their marriage. While the details surrounding their separation may have been difficult for Olivia and her family to navigate, they have likely learned valuable lessons about trust and the importance of open communication in maintaining healthy relationships.

A Mini Bio On Joe Namath

Joe Namath, born on May 31, 1943, in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, is a former American professional football player who is best known for his time as a quarterback in the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL). He gained fame and popularity for his charismatic personality both on and off the field. He attended the University of Alabama and played college football under legendary coach Bear Bryant. He led the Crimson Tide to a national championship in 1964 before leaping professional football.

In 1965, Joe was drafted by both the NFL’s St. Louis Cardinals and the AFL’s New York Jets. He chose to sign with the Jets, and his arrival in the AFL marked a turning point for the league. He quickly established himself as one of the league’s most exciting and talented players, known for his strong arm and flamboyant style. He became the face of the Jets franchise and played a pivotal role in the team’s success.

Joe’s most memorable achievement came in Super Bowl III, held on January 12, 1969. Despite being considered underdogs, he guaranteed victory and led the Jets to a stunning 16-7 victory over the NFL’s heavily favored Baltimore Colts. This victory solidified his place in football history and earned him the game’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) award. Off football, he is also famous infamous Suzy Kolber interview when he said he wanted to kiss her.

Olivia’s Husband Has Also Been To Prison A Few Times

Olivia’s husband, Edwin Baker III, has had some legal troubles in the past. He has been arrested on multiple occasions for various offenses. One notable incident involved robbing a McDonald’s by threatening the manager with $10,000.

Additionally, Edwin has faced charges related to the possession of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. There have also been instances where he was arrested for driving with a suspended license and reckless operation of a boat. In 2013, he was arrested for skipping a court date, which added to his legal difficulties.

These incidents highlight the importance of making responsible choices and following the law. It is crucial to learn from past mistakes and strive towards personal growth and making better decisions in the future. Olivia, as his partner, may have provided support and encouragement for Edwin to overcome these challenges and move forward positively.

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