Suzy Kolber is a sports anchor from the United States Of America, who works on ESPN. As an initial anchor of ESPN 2, she worked for three years but she left it and continued her job on Fox. However, Kolber returned to ESPN again in the late 90s.

Besides this, Kolber has also been involved in the endorsement as she has been featured in the video games, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation 2.

Net Worth

Suzy Kolber has been estimated to have $18 Million worth of wealth in her possession. This staggering sum of wealth is the result of the hard work and dedication that she displayed throughout her career life.

Her primary source of income is her sports broadcasting career on ESPN. Also, she is a co-producer and host on ESPN. Not only ESPN but the sportscaster was also associated with FOX Sports and ABC. Her salary is said to be above $56k.

Kolber also generated a sum amount from her endorsing and commercials. She was featured on Sega games and different PlayStation games relating to ESPN and was a national television spokesperson for Chevrolet and Pepsi-cola.

This huge sum of fortune has led Kolber to live a happy and lavish life with her husband and daughter.

Relationship Status

Suzy Kolber is a married person living a blissful life with her husband for more than a decade now. She was married to Eric Brady whom she dated for a long period of time before finally taking their relationship to the next level.

Suzzy Kolber and her husband Eric Brady
Suzzy Kolber and her husband Eric Brady

Kolber walked down the aisle in the year 2008 in a holy ceremony that took place in a private location among their close friends and families. Kolber is not known to have other romantic links besides this.

Earlier life

Kolber was born on the 14th of May, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She holds the Zodiac sign Taurus. Her father Gene Kolber and mother Sandra Kolber gave her a good upbringing.

Her birth name was Suzzane Lisa Kolber and is more famous now as Suzy. She enjoys every right that is available to an American citizen.

Kolber has not mentioned anything which clarifies that she has siblings. Also, she did not have to do a lot of struggling while growing up as her family was stable.

Educational Background

Suzy is a well-educated person who received her primary education from Sandy Run Middle School in Dresher, Pennsylvania. For her high school classes, she attended the Upper Dublin High School located in Pennsylvania and graduated in 1982.

After her high school graduation, she received further education at the University of Miami. She graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications. In addition to this, she was on a university’s ski team.

Won A Spot On the School’s Football Team At The Age Of 10

The football reporter for ESPN, Kolber was a football enthusiast from an early age and that remained to date. She won the spot on the school’s football team at the age of 10 and was very happy.

However, with the strong opposition from adults and her parents, she did not pursue the football team seat and quit it.

Rumored To Be Divorced

Suzy Kolber was rumored to be divorced, however, it is not true. She is a private person who does not want to publicize her personal life to the public and thus has not shared her personal life. Additionally, she rarely makes a public appearance with her husband.

This ignited the rumor of Suzy being a single person who parted ways with her husband and is a single mother now.

Blessed With A Daughter

Suzy is the mother of Kellyn, whom she shares with her husband Eric. The couple announced the arrival of their daughter in the same year of their marriage.

At the time of conceiving her child, Suzy was 44 years old and was rumored to be raising her daughter alone which was rumored to her divorce. However, Later she clarified that the rumor was false.

Kellyn is being raised by her both parents together and is receiving a good up bring along with necessary support, love, and care from her parents.

Also, she had requested to work more in the studio so she can remain with her child together.

Namath Said He Wanted To Kiss Kolber On Nationally Televised Sideline Interview Twice

Joe Namath, who is a former American football player was an alcohol intake and a bad habit. In the interview that was being telecasted nationally with Suzy, Joe told her that he wanted to Kiss her and did not care about the struggle of the team.

Broadway Joe

Namath said this twice during the interview, to which Suzy responded by saying “Thanks, Joe. I’ll take that as a huge compliment“. After being sober, he later apologized to Suzy and had undergone treatment to fight his alcoholism problem.

According to Namath, the embarrassment he felt during that time has been keeping him sober all this time. He has mentioned this in his book Namath.

Has Undergone Plastic Surgery

Suzy Kolber has undergone a surgical procedure to enhance her beauty. However, she has not provided the details of her plastic surgery.

One of the Twitter account handlers had said that she looks beautiful after she has undergone plastic surgery whereas the one has made a flippant tweet about it.

Before Her Career At ESPN

Suzy worked as a sports director at Dynamic cable while she was still an undergraduate learner at the University of Miami. Late in 1986 following her graduation she worked in New York City as a videotape coordinator.

Later Kolber worked as a producer for WPLG-TV and  WTVJ-TV in Miami from 1986 to 1989 and also did some freelancing jobs which mainly included being a reporter and field producer for Breeder’s cup and Inside Edition respectively.

Likewise, She was a weekend sports commentator and weekday feature journalist at WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Career Highlights After Entering ESPN

Suzy has covered a variety of events since joining ESPN. She covered Grand Slam Tennis, the X Games, and the National Football League. Suzy is well-known for covering Monday Night Football’s sidelines. In 2007, she presided over NASCAR Countdown.

suzy Kolber in ESPN

She was a part of the ABC Sports Super Bowl XL telecast in 2006. NFL Live was a newscast that Suzy hosted. She hosted ESPN’s coverage of the French Open and Wimbledon and worked as an anchor for SportsCenter.

She emceed horse racing occasions as well. As a co-host of ESPN2, Suzy hosted the sports news and analysis program “SportsNight” in 1993. NFL32 with Suzy Kolber had its ESPN2 debut on September 13th, 2011.

Endorsement And Commercials

Kolber is also involved in the commercials and endorsing jobs. She has been featured in the video games of Sega,  ESPN NFL Football for Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s PlayStation 2.

Likewise, in 1995’s ESPN Extreme Games Suzy had been featured for the introduction of new levels, hinting at secrets and many more. However, the game was re-released which removed all her videos including all the references directed to ESPN.

Furthermore, Suzy acted as a spoke person for Chevrolet and Pepsi-cola commercials.

Awards And Recognition

Everyone related to the field of journalism or sports knows how hard Suzy works. Her determination and passion for her professional career have led her to receive some recognition.

Suzy was the recipient of a local Sports Emmy in 1988 when she was working as a producer of the 5:30 p.m. ET sportscast at WTVJ-TV in Miami. Similarly in 2006, she was entitled with Maxwell Club Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award.

The Physical Appearance Of Suzy

With the need to stay in front of the Camera mostly and being a media personality, Suzy always maintains her physical appearance. She has dark blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes.

Suzy Kolber in red outfit 1
Suzy Kolber in a red outfit
source: PlayersBio

Kolber has a height of 5 ft and 7 inches (173 cm) and weighs around 61 kg (134 lbs). She has a lean body figure with vital stats of 32-23-33 inches respectively. Likewise, she wears a shoe of size 7.5 US and a dress of 6 US

Social Media Presence

Suzy has activated her account on major social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. However, she does not seem to be active on any of them. She rarely posts from her account which only depicts her professional life. She has hidden her private life on social media.

Her Instagram id is @suzy.kolber which has more than 10k followers. Likewise, her Twitter account @suzykolber has more than 30k followers.

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