Ann Cowherd is the wife of Colin Cowherd, who is a well-known sports and radio personality. Colin is currently working for Fox Sports, where he hosts his popular show called “The Herd with Colin Cowherd“, where he talks and gives his opinion on all the events related to sports, mostly focusing on American football and basketball.

Ann prefers to live a private life and has chosen not to disclose much information about herself. She maintains a low profile, and even her husband, Colin, rarely posts about her on social media. It seems that she values her privacy and prefers to stay out of the public eye, allowing her life partner to focus on his career in sports media without much intrusion into their personal lives.

Colin And Ann Cowherd’s Married Life

Ann Cowherd and Colin Cowherd have been married since June 19, 2010, and their marriage has remained strong till the present day. They first met in 2009 through a mutual friend, Trace Gallagher, but they have chosen to keep most details about their married life private.

Colin and Ann Cowherd are at the top view of basketball stadium.
Colin Cowherd with his wife, Ann Cowherd (Source: Colin Cowherd Twitter @ColinCowherd)

Despite being public figures, Ann and Colin have not disclosed much about their relationship, preferring to keep those aspects of their lives away from the spotlight. By maintaining this level of privacy, they can focus on their respective careers while also cherishing their bond and enjoying a sense of normalcy in their married life.

Colin Isn’t Ann’s First Husband

Colin is not Ann’s first husband, as she was previously married to someone else before marrying the sports media personality. However, she has chosen to keep the details of her previous marriage private. They have not disclosed any specific information about her previous husband or the details surrounding their marriage.

Colin’s decision reflects their desire to maintain boundaries and respect their privacy when it comes to personal matters. By focusing on their relationship and keeping the past in the past, Ann and her husband prioritize the present and their shared journey together.

Ann Is Colin’s Second Wife As Well

Ann is Colin’s second wife. Before marrying her, the sports media personality was previously married to Kimberly Ann Vadala. They tied the knot on March 30, 1996, but unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2007. The reason for their split was primarily attributed to their demanding schedules, as both he and his ex-wife became increasingly focused on their work.

Kimberly Ann Vadala is holding the baby Liv Cowherd in the picture.
Kimberly Ann Vadala with baby Liv Cowherd (Source: Liv Cowherd Instagram @liv_cowherd)

The pressures and strains of their respective careers ultimately took a toll on Colin’s and Kimberly’s relationship. The divorce had a significant impact on Ann’s husband’s emotional well-being, as he experienced moments of vulnerability and distress. There were instances when he broke down in tears, and he even encountered physical symptoms such as feeling nauseous while at work.

Net Worth of Ann’s Husband

Ann Cowherd’s husband, Colin Cowherd estimated net worth is around $25 million as per Celebrity Net Worth. His primary income source is his work in the sports media industry. He has had a successful career as a sports and radio personality, working for various media outlets such as ESPN and currently for Fox Sports.

Throughout his career, Colin has experienced different salary arrangements. During his time at ESPN, his annual salary was reported to be around $2 million. However, when he moved to Fox Sports and iHeartRadio in 2015, he signed a lucrative contract worth $6 million per year for four years. This contract marked a significant increase in his earnings.

Recognizing Colin’s value and contributions to their network, Fox Sports and iHeartRadio further extended his contract in 2018, ensuring he would continue to receive a substantial salary of $6 million per year. These salary arrangements demonstrate the recognition and financial investment placed on his expertise and popularity within the sports media industry.

Has Two Stepkids

In addition to her four children from her previous marriage, Ann Cowherd also has two stepchildren from Colin’s previous marriage to Kimberly. While the name of their son remains undisclosed, a few pictures of him have been shared by their family on social media platforms.

Liv Cowherd is trying to kiss the cat that her brother is holding.
Ann Cowherd stepkids, Liv Cowherd and her brother (Source: Liv Cowherd Instagram @liv_cowherd)

On the other hand, their daughter, Liv Cowherd, is more publicly known. Liv was born on September 12, 2000, and has shown a keen interest in the field of environment and sustainability as mentioned in an article from Amo Mama. She has gained valuable experience through various work opportunities, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact.

Liv pursued higher education and recently graduated in 2021 from the prestigious Barrett Honors College of Arizona State University, where she earned a degree in Sustainability and Global Studies. Her academic achievements highlight her dedication to understanding and addressing global sustainability challenges.

How Did Colin And Ann’s Love Story Start?

Colin Cowherd met his wife, Ann, after going through a divorce. They first encountered each other when he was looking for a designer to work in his new place. His real estate agent, Liz, mentioned that Ann, who had been separated for several months, was a talented designer.

Colin decided to call Ann on speakerphone during his conversation with Liz and jokingly said, “Hey Ann, I heard you’re hot. Let’s go out.” This playful introduction led to their first date, where her now husband instantly felt a connection with her. They both had experienced challenging times in their previous relationships and were seeking companionship and laughter.

Despite some initial breakups, Colin and Ann eventually found their way back to each other. He attributes their success to accepting their differences and embracing the fact that they have distinct brain types. They have learned to appreciate and navigate each other’s unique perspectives, resulting in a stronger and more harmonious relationship.

Colin’s Awkward Interaction With Ann Involving Ciara

Colin once shared a humorous incident where his wife, Ann, approached him while he was at a dinner event. As he was about to greet Russell, a well-known personality, his wife intercepted and expressed her admiration for him, saying, “Oh god, we love you. I love you.”

Colin was so captivated by Ciara’s beauty that he didn’t pay attention to anything else she said. He jokingly mentions that after the encounter, he decided to enjoy a chicken parmigiana meal and drift off to sleep, imagining what could have been with the singer. The sports personality amusingly contrasts this situation with the fact that Ann never interrupts him during his podcast recordings.

Fans of the couple had a good laugh about this story. Some even teased Colin for this saying he could have gone through another divorce, while others defended him saying any man could get captivated by Ciara’s beauty. Ann’s husband was even once rumored to be in a relationship with Kristine Leahy.

Ann Is A Mother Of Four

Ann Cowherd has four children from her previous marriage, but details about them have not been publicly revealed. It appears that Ann’s children, like her, lead a private and secret life. Her husband, Colin has also refrained from providing any information about her children, respecting their privacy and allowing them to maintain a sense of anonymity.

By keeping information about their children undisclosed, Ann and Colin prioritize their well-being and protect them from unnecessary public attention. This decision reflects their commitment to shielding their family life from the scrutiny of the media and allowing their children to grow up in a more sheltered environment.

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